Jazz Ensemble Spring Concert (May 2022)

The Jazz Band performs in two concerts! Sunday, May 1, and Monday, May 2, at 5pm on the Campus Green. The video recording is from the May 1 concert.

1:08 – Birdland, by Joe Zawinul/arr. Victor Lopez, Featuring Natalie Paulson and Jake Marzinske
5:55 – Pick Up the Pieces, arranged by Victor Lopez, Featuring Jacob Norris
10:50 – Someone to Watch Over Me, by George & Ila Gershwin/arr. Dave Wolpe, Featuring Tamara Omar (voice)
16:12 – You Don’t Know Me, by Arnold & Walker/arr. Allen Gray, Featuring Ashley Ward (voice) and Jake Marzinske
22:00 – Chameleon, by Herbie Hancock/arr. Victor Lopez, Featuring Nathaniel Stay, Jacob Norris, Lionel Cao, Jake Marzinske, and Joseph Roemhildt
28:17 – Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off, Bricusse & Newley/arr. Stitzel, Featuring Greta Bloedel (voice) and Joseph Roemhildt
33:23 – Zoot Suit Riot, by Steve Perry/arr. Michael Sweeney, Featuring Gabe Smith, Ian Krenik, Joseph Roemhildt, and Nathaniel Stay
41:03 – September, by White, McKay, & Willis/arr. Mark Taylor, Featuring Joseph Roemhildt (voice) and Jake Marzinske
44:39 – Wipe Out, by The Sufaris/arr. Dallas Burke, Featuring Gabe Smith, Natalie Paulson, and Joseph Roemhildt

Bethany Jazz Band Concerts (May 2022)