Once Upon a Mattress (2023)

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Princess and the Pea,” “Once Upon a Mattress” was performed at Bethany Lutheran College in February 2023.

Music by Mary Rodgers
Book by Jay Thompson, Dean Fuller, and Marshall Barer
Lyrics by Marshall Barer

Artistic Direction by Ann Fredrickson
Musical Direction by Dennis Marzolf

Due to copyright restrictions, no video is available from this event.


Once Upon a Mattress

Minstrel, Just trying to make it in a man’s world: Greta Bloedel
Princess No. 12, The latest failure: Kathryn Matzke
Wizard, The Queen’s Lackey: Noah Lippert
Lady Larken, Loves Sir Harry and has a pressing problem: Tamara Omar
Sir Harry, Recently knighted, loves Larken: Coleton Pringle
Queen Aggravain, Runs the show: Mizha Overn
Prince Dauntless, Mama’s boy who wants to get married: Andy Boese
King Sextimus the Silent, Under a curse: William Shade
Jester, Following in his father’s footsteps: Simon Kovaciny
Princess Winnifred, An atypical princess: Libby Kassuelke
Nightingales, “Sing” Winnifred to sleep: Aly Pettis, Heidi Riebau
Sir Studley: Andy Muske*
Sir Luce: Daryan Rosenthal*
1st Knight: Caleb Schulte*
2nd Knight: Evan Matzke
3rd Knight: William Stottlemyer
Lady-in-Waiting Rowena: Malia Merseth
Lady-in-Waiting Merrill: Christine DeGier
Lady-in-Waiting Lucille: Ingrid Bloedel*
Lady H: Lucy Klatt*
Lady Mabelle: Madeline Halvorson*
Opening Ballet: Madeline Halvorson
Soft Shoe Dancers: Madeline Halvorson, Amelia Pfund
Ladies-in-Waiting, Knights, Soldiers, Servants, Musicians, etc.: Camille Bauer, Emi Becker, Hannah Caauwe, Emma Gepson*, Renee Geving, Bethany Hanson, Tavia Kovaciny, Vianna Kovaciny, Grace MacPherson, Emily Marske, Cyril Palm, Amelia Pfund*, Kaleb Schmidt, Matthew Strom*, Emily Tiede



Artistic Director: Ann Fredrickson
Musical Director: Dennis Marzolf
Choreographer: Carissa Christenson
Assistant Choreographer: Madeline Halvorson
Technical Director /Set Build: John E. Merseth, Jr./Unique Designs Construction
Costume Designer: Emily Kimball
Lighting Designer: Benji Inniger
Scene Shop Supervisor: Philip Wels
Stage Manager: Ruth Kennedy
Assistant Stage Manager: Sevanna Jenkins
Properties: Holly Harris
Dance Captain: Amelia Pfund
Rehearsal Piano: Dennis Marzolf, Laura Matzke
Set Painter/Design: Holly Marquardt
Light Board Operator: Arryanna Rosburg
Spot Light Operators: Selam Ahmed, Yanit Yohannes
Set Crew: Greta Bloedel, Matteo Fustinoni, Holly Harris, Holly Marquardt, Malia Merseth, Aly Pettis, William Stottlemyer, Angela Zaccaria
Costume Crew: Camille Bauer, Christine DeGier, Caroline Gernander, Arryanna Rosburg, Sophie Zawisza
Poster Design: Emily Dietz
Playbill Layout: Rea Kuske
Fine Arts Coordinator: Solveig Stafford


Piano: Prof. Dennis Marzolf, Prof. Laura Matzke
Violin: Madeline Halvorson
Violin/Viola: Sabrina Seiwert
Cello: Sarah Strom
String Bass: Heidi Riebau
Flute: Hannah Caauwe, Tamara Omar
Clarinet: Daryan Rosenthal, Olivia Watson
Trumpet/Percussion: Renee Geving
Tuba/Percussion: Spencer Urban