Residence Hall Coordinator

Posting Date: Friday, February 10, 2023

Application Deadline: Monday, March 6, 2023

Start Date: July 1, 2023

General Responsibilities:

The Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) is a live-in professional who operates as a member of the Residential Life Staff, working with the Office of Student Affairs in a supervisory position with the Resident Assistants. The RHC shall strive to uphold the mission of Bethany Lutheran College, working to create a positive, Christian atmosphere that encourages academic, spiritual, social, and personal growth. The RHC shall work to build this atmosphere by serving as an advisor to students, setting an example in leadership, and performing administrative tasks.

Guidance and Advising

1. Maintain a high degree of visibility, presence, and availability to students and Resident Assistants (RAs) to enhance the living environment, assist with questions, and resolve problems as needed.
2. Build rapport with the residents and maintain confidentiality to promote trust and foster mutual respect.
3. Be familiar with the resources on campus for referral purposes.
4. Encourage residents to attend functions and activities to enhance campus engagement.
5. Seek to improve quality of life for all residents in each residence hall.

Role Modeling/Leadership

1. Demonstrate leadership both on and off campus.
2. Be willing to assist students in their academic, social, and personal needs.
3. Schedule, supervise, mentor, and support RAs through routine meetings and effective communication.
4. Oversee frequent quality hall programming by RAs.
5. Enforce campus Standards of Conduct. Supervise residents according to College regulations and process violations in an efficient and effective manner.

Administration/Staff Support

1. Facilitate student housing and coordinate with maintenance, housekeeping, or security to assist students with their needs and ensure a safe environment.
2. Investigate and respond to concerns and complaints of students, parents, and staff in a manner that provides accurate information and fosters good public relations.
3. Assist with all residential staff training and other in-service training sessions.
4. Attend all Residential Life and institutional staff meetings and stay current with best practices in college housing supervision and administration.
5. Respond to emergency and crisis situations and participate in the Residential Life on-call rotation.
6. Perform additional tasks consistent with the position and/or assigned by the Office of Student Affairs.

Some Specific Examples of Resident Hall Coordinator Duties and Expectations:

1. Maintain regular communication with RAs, including informal weekly contact and, as needed, performance feedback with each RA.

2. Conduct formal reviews with RAs at midterm and between semesters.

3. Host monthly RA group meetings and monthly individual RA meetings.

4. Organize and implement a housing lottery for returning students and assign rooms for all incoming and transfer students with the help of the Dir. of Residential Life.

5. Maintain accurate room occupancy data.

6. Manage student check-in/check-out and room change procedures including the distribution and collection of keys for the residence hall.

7. Organize RA staffing for residence hall supervision. Participate in the sitting and walking rotation as needs arise or as assigned.

8. Conduct fire drills and severe weather (tornado) drills for your building in conjunction with campus security.

9. Monitor Res Life programming budgets and ensure that programming requirements are successfully met.

10. Establish at least three hours per week as designated office hours when the residents know you’ll be available in your office or building lobby.

11. Create an on-call campus coverage rotation in agreement with the other RHCs so that at least one RHC is on campus on weekends, holidays, and breaks.

12. Actively participate in the interview and selection process of RAs for the subsequent year.

13. Coordinate with other staff regarding the housing of summer guests including checking in/out and point of contact during stay.

14. Eat in the dining center to use the free meal plan provided to RHCs to facilitate interaction with students.

15. Continue to serve as the point of contact and live-in supervisor of the residence hall during academic breaks and after the spring semester concludes. Summer duties include (but are not limited to) attendance at bi-monthly meetings, distillation of student check out forms, summer guest check in/out, preparation of assigned components of RA training, and assigning of roommates and rooms for incoming students and transfers.


  • Free room and board ($15,800 estimated value)
  • $8,000 salary

Please send all application materials to:
Bethany Lutheran College – Human Resources Office
700 Luther Drive
Mankato, MN 56001; or scanned email to