CDCS Support Staff – Lifeworks

Posting Date: 04/20/2023

Closing Date: 06/02/2023


Salary: $17/hour

Hours: flexible, depending on applicant’s availability.
– Hours: we’re aiming for 25+ per week, it could be more or less.
– Time: Most needed Mon-Wed, with some on Thu & Fri.

Location: Saint Peter, MN

Position Description: 

The hiring is done through the parents and Lifeworks as a CDCS position (Consumer-directed community supports). Parents work with the employee for time tracking and Lifeworks handles all payments, taxes, PTO, etc.

Child details: one 12 year old son, with diagnoses of ADHD + high functioning autism. The environment provided determines how much the symptoms are noticeable, ranging from none at all or up to a lot. More details can be answered in interviews and more upon hiring.

Position Duties/Skills:

  • Some field trips could be organized (pools, Children’s Museum, library, local playgrounds, etc).
  • Include some down time at home to avoid being too busy
  • Guide him to be more self-sufficient, monitor for safety concerns, and transport him to occasional activities throughout the summer
  • He can do well on his own for short periods of time, but the summer is too long to have him completely on his own, we want to keep him active

Minimum Qualifications:

Attributes of caretakers who have worked with the best with him in the past are:

  • High energy personality, to match his energy
  • Somewhat laid back and easily forgiving, but able to maintain consistent expectations and rules. Balance is important
  • Adaptable because his preferences and moods change
  • Strong desire and willingness to learn and grow
  • People with an educational background in special education programs or anything related to mental health (psychology, various therapies) seem to have done the best for the longest

Application Process Information:

Please contact Ryan Moenck at or call 507-469-5067 with questions.