Anita Smith

Anita SmithI knew early in my life that I wanted to help people, and I wanted to integrate helping others with sharing the solid truth of the Gospel. My first interest came when I noticed that many people would tell me details about their lives; the cashier at the grocery store, a person I met on vacation while eating breakfast at the hotel, etc. I was curious about why they were willing to tell me their stories, but also what to do with those stories. My career at this point was an elementary teacher, and I was watching families fall apart and parents struggling with various mental health concerns. I felt led by God to continue my education and become a mental health counselor at that time to help families and hurting people.

Learning good boundaries was important for me, and has helped me set appropriate boundaries with my work now. Another important concept that I learned during graduate school is that I can do more than I think I can. It has helped me learn to balance all that I have to do, and to plan for needed time off and self-care.

The faith base that Bethany’s program offers is what draws me to Bethany’s Clinical Mental Health Program. The One Thing Needful is so central to the work that needs to be done in mental health. I love that this online program allows for a variety of students and instructors to be able to participate. Our communities need more mental health providers, and Bethany’s program offers great instructors with a variety of skills and expertise.

Mentoring and teaching the next generation of helpers in our world is a joy for me. I can continue to learn and grow as I research new material for my class. I am continuing to serve my community and my Savior by helping the next generation of counselors learn this important work–helping others know that their value and worth is not based in things, feelings, or thinking, but in the truth that they were created by God and redeemed by Christ.