Bethany Enrollment Continues Steady Growth

Bethany Lutheran College’s Fall 2023 enrollment continues the positive growth trend that began already in 2018. Two enrollment records are notable:

  1. Full time students now number 671 which bests the previous record of 651 in 2021.
  2. A record 905 students in total are being served by the institution in Fall 2023 which is an increase of nine percent over the previous high mark of 832 set in 2022. The total enrollment figure includes all undergraduates (683), graduate students in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program (48), high school students enrolled at Bethany through Minne­sota’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) or through an online partnership with schools both locally and throughout the nation (165), and a small number of non-degree seeking students (9).

Bethany also continues to have a robust international student enrollment which stands at 126 students from 28 countries.

Bethany’s President Dr. Gene Pfeifer remarked, “We are very pleased that students are increasingly choosing Bethany Lutheran College. While some today may be questioning whether a college education is worth the cost, Bethany’s mission to engage students with the Gospel message of Jesus as our Savior continues to provide great value. Our intent is to provide students the opportunities they need so they may be equipped for vocations and productive lives in today’s compli­cated world while providing them with a college experience offered through the lens of a Christian worldview.”