Chad Dale

Chad DaleClinical Mental Health is often overlooked and stigmatized throughout the world, even though it is something everyone deals with. There is no shame in seeing a doctor for a physical ailment, but people often feel shame when seeking help for their mental health. Furthering my education allows me to better help people as well as make mental health care more accessible and less stigmatized.

I currently work at Christian Family Solutions in their STRONG Child and Adolescent Day Treatment in inner city Milwaukee. I have seen firsthand the struggles that kids go through in my community and want to help them the best I can.

I was introduced to Bethany Lutheran College through Christian Family Solutions. After learning how they teach faith integration within a counseling framework, I knew this was the place for me to deepen my knowledge and gain the skills to help others.

The hybrid nature of this program has been one of the main reasons I have been successful. I am on the two-year track here at Bethany and have still been working full time. This allows me to learn on my own time and schedule what works best for me. The portions of in-person learning have been some of the best moments of my graduate career. My classmates and the faculty are amazing, and getting to spend time and learn with them in-person has vastly accelerated my learning process and is a huge benefit of the program.

The program has taught many valuable skills, which help me to be a better helper and a better person. Some of the most useful skills are just attending to counselees and giving them a safe place to be themselves. Learning to listen and reflect their thoughts and emotions can help them discover a different perspective.

This program will provide me with the necessary skills and experiences to best help clients. God has a plan for me, and I believe that is to help those around me to live their best lives. I have seen the struggles in my community and have a desire to help the youth within it. Without Bethany, I would not be adequately prepared to help. This program allows me to use my faith as a foundation and sets up its students for success.