Karina Clennon

We live in a sinful world, and with that comes myriad daily troubles and temptations. I am passionate about clinical mental health because things have not always been easy for me, or gone according to my plan. I was blessed to be supported by compassionate Christian friends and family and trained mental health professionals who have supported me.

I’m a self-proclaimed “nerd” and lifelong learner. I am curious how seemingly minor adjustments to our thoughts and behaviors can often profoundly influence our mental health. There is rarely a one size fits all approach; I am interested in reviewing the evidence-based practices and literature to support counselors-in-training in their work with diverse populations.

Dr. Karina Clennon, Assistant Professor – Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Holistic wellness and self-care have been essential parts of my growth as a helper and educator. I was specifically interested in serving as an educator in a program where I could openly discuss my faith in God with my colleagues and the students. I am delighted to work on a team of caring, compassionate, Christian colleagues.

The counseling field is changing in a post-pandemic world, and counselors will likely be expected to offer in-person and telehealth services to serve their clientele. The online learning environment, coupled with the three face-to-face residencies, provides opportunities to experience skill development and training in both online and in-person environments.

I hope that my work in Bethany’s CMHC program helps contribute to more licensed eligible counselors with training in counseling with a faith-integration approach to help the many people who are hurting and suffering.