Jonathan Sehloff ’19

Jonathan Sehloff ’19

Jonathan (Jonny) Sehloff is a 2019 Bethany computer science graduate. Sehloff took his degree and experience in Bethany’s technical broadcast studio and now designs comprehensive broadcast systems for Alpha in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

As a broadcast systems design engineer, Sehloff’s technical work encompasses a wide array of components, such as video production switchers, routing systems, graphics and video playback capabilities, slow-motion replay functionalities, camera systems, and beyond.

It’s a challenging but rewarding career. “From the inception of system ideas to the final execution and delivery, I am involved with clients throughout the processes. This includes drawing reviews, commissioning, and successful first use of a system,” said Sehloff.

It’s an ever-changing landscape as technology advances every year, but Sehloff credits his Bethany education and his involvement with varsity soccer to help him adapt to the array of challenges he encounters on a daily basis.

“Bethany gave me an edge on overall preparedness with classes teaching critical thinking and knowledge, while participating in Bethany’s live broadcasting program and playing soccer gave me opportunities that helped me to further my technical and adaptive skills.

“The combination of cutting-edge technology and creative problem solving keeps me in my current field of work. The ongoing challenge to innovate helps me create broadcast systems that surpass expectations, delivering seamless experiences for both clients and audiences.”

When asked how a student can prepare for a successful career while in college, Sehloff said it’s really up to how much a person wants to learn regardless of the subject matter.

“My advice is to get involved and absorb all you can, never stop learning. The more you put in, the more you get out. Every chance to learn, grow, and expand your knowledge will only help.”