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Bethany Lutheran College is a Christian liberal arts college owned and operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The fifty-acre campus overlooks the Minnesota River Valley in Mankato, Minnesota, a community of approximately fifty thousand people.

Truth of the Bible and Reflection of Christ’s Love

At Bethany, we understand the Bible as the inspired and powerful word of God. We regard the entire Bible as truth and without error. The Bible provides the foundation for Bethany to encourage students to develop meaningful lives of service in the family, church, workplace, and society.

Diversity of Belief and Backgrounds

All students are welcome at Bethany, providing diversity of thought and discussion. Many students come to Bethany with a strong foundation in Christian instruction, and they discuss topics alongside students who have little or no religious background.

Bethany was established by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS) with its Norwegian Heritage in 1927. The ELS and Bethany share common beliefs and practices with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and do not ascribe to modern liberal American Lutheranism.

Bible believing families from many Christian denominations (Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist, Evangelical, Orthodox, Home Church, and additional Christocentric backgrounds) often appreciate Bethany’s approach to education.

Bethany values souls from all nations and is rich in diversity, including African-American graduates from before the Civil Rights era of forced school integration, plus international students from more than 25 nations.

Bethany embraces the Christian Worldview that is often in opposition to Critical Race Theory and Woke Culture. Because of what God’s Son, Jesus has done to pay for the sins of all, believers seek to live according to His will including the ten commandments which provides a guide for Christian living. Christians have compassion for all people, especially those who experience historical or societal hardships and take extra empathetic steps to help, including enhanced support for achieving a college degree.

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The Student Experience is Grounded in Faith

Students and faculty gather for daily chapel services at Bethany, and Bible studies and service opportunities encourage and facilitate students to put their faith into practice.

Because we believe that the Bible is God’s Word, at Bethany we teach the Genesis account of Creation as described by Answers in Genesis, as the correct understanding of the world’s origin. This ability to view the world through the discerning lens of the Bible, equips students at Bethany to also learn the theory of evolution so they may be prepared to encounter professional discussions in fields such as in STEM, medical, and other careers paths where an understanding of this secular theory may be needed.

Bethany, as Mankato’s Christian College, believes in the Biblical view of God’s gift of gender and family built on life-long marriage of a man and woman.

Students enjoy many aspects of Bethany’s Christian campus experience, but also have opportunities to take in the community of Mankato enjoying a night out on the town with live music, late-night coffee, or eating out at one of 100-plus restaurants in the area.

Bethany Athletics is part of NCAA Division III and includes 17 varsity programs. Excellent athletic facilities include two gymnasiums, three athletic fields, tennis and racquetball courts, fitness rooms and an indoor track.

Bethany loves to get creative! Browse our programs in art, music, theatre, and speech. Check out the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center and our other arts facilities.

On our beautiful 50-acre campus, there are 11 buildings, including many great places for the arts, athletics, academics, worship, and more! Bethany's residential students occupy four residential buildings.

In 1911, Bethany Ladies College opened with 44 students and four faculty members. In 1927, the Norwegian Synod (later known as the Evangelical Lutheran Synod) purchased the college and operated it as a two-year co-educational junior college until 2001. Since 2001, Bethany has been a baccalaureate-granting institution.

BLC is a Christian liberal arts college owned and operated by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and committed to the teachings of the Bible as expressed in the statements of faith known as the Lutheran Confessions.

Bethany is located in the heart of Mankato, Minnesota, a welcoming, friendly, and safe community of just over 50,000 residents. Mankato includes a variety of shopping spots including a large mall. Coffee shops, gift stores, and antique shops add a unique flavor to the downtown area. The Verizon Center, just one mile from Bethany, hosts concerts, entertainment acts, and sporting events. Mankato also has numerous lakes, rivers, trails, parks, golf courses, and ski areas. Additionally, all of the exciting cultural and entertainment opportunities of Minneapolis-St. Paul are just 80 miles away. Learn more about our Mankato Community.

Gene Pfeifer is the current President of Bethany Lutheran College.

Read more about Bethany's President, Board of Regents, and other leadership.

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