Art students draw still-life pictures in art class

Art, Music, and Theatre Facilities

Bethany Lutheran College has a long tradition of excellence in art, music, theatre, and speech, along with great facilities to help students grow in these areas.

Band students playing instruments led by conductor

Band Room

The Band Room is located in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center. This room buzzes with activity throughout the year with concert band, jazz band, chamber orchestra,

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Black box theatre area - room with black floor, walls, curtains, one wall of mirrors, and chairs placed around the room

Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is the theatre department’s green room, rehearsal space for acting and choreography, theatre classroom space, and a black box theater for

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Female art student drawing with pen on paper in art studio

Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is located on the second floor of the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center and is equipped with angled tables, tall stools, and large windows for

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Female art student paints a green leaf on a large canvas of flowers in the art studio

Painting Studio

The Painting Studio is located on the second floor of the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center. Painting students work in large, airy, naturally-lit classrooms. Each student

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Students working on constructing a set for a theatre presentation

Scene Shop

Located backstage in the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center, scenery and props for the year’s productions are constructed, painted, and assembled onstage for the college’s award-winning

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