People walking on campus outside of Trinity Chapel

Trinity Chapel

Trinity Chapel is the center of spiritual life at Bethany. Chapel Services are held at 10 a.m. every school day, and Vespers Services are held at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays while school is in session. Watch and listen on our Chapelcast page.

About the Building

Trinity Chapel was designed by Ronald W. Buelow of The Associated Architects. The chapel was planned to be an enduring symbol of the Christian foundation of the college. Christian imagery abounds in the chapel.

The interior and exterior brick and stone walls are banded in a pattern based upon the mathematical Fibonacci Series which leads up to a series of proportions appearing and reappearing in virtually all of God’s creations – man, animal, plant, mineral, and even the cosmos. Symbols of the Trinity are evidenced in the three-sided spire and in the steel railing and girders that adorn the bridge to the balcony.

Events in the Chapel

Trinity Chapel is located centrally on campus, adjacent to the Memorial Library and near Presidents Hall and Meyer Hall. It is across from Old Main and the Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center. Find TC on our Campus Maps page.

The building address is 730 Luther Ct, Mankato, MN. (All mail should be addressed to 700 Luther Dr.)

Dedication and Gifts

Trinity Chapel bears this dedication:

Dedicated to the glory of God
and in memory of His faithful servant
Marvin M. Schwan
Class of 1949

Special Gifts have been given in memory of:

Earl Aasen, Walter and Marvel Meyer, Thomas and Helen Coughlan, Sandra Miller, Rev. Arthur Drevlow, William Miller, Rev. Hugo Handberg, Thayne Obrecht, Mary Maginnis Hosking, Mary Reichwald Sargent, Jens and Ruth Hovland, Lisa Schlomer Schneider, Lenwick Hoyord, Vivian Solli, Nora Johnson, Harold and Margaret Voss, Harold Marzolf.

Offices in Trinity Chapel

All TC offices are located on the lower level.