Stained glass windows in Trinity Chapel

Chapel Stained Glass Windows

The stained glass windows, created by Gaytee Stained Glass of Minneapolis, serve as another visual expression of the Gospel message in Trinity Chapel. Designed to harmonize with both the architecture and altar paintings, the windows beautifully symbolize the glory of the Trinity.

The windows on the north side (pictured) are filled with symbols of the life of Christ. Viewers may notice that the sacraments, which are so important to the Christian, are clearly pictured in these windows.

The east windows (pictured in gallery together) depict the Father and the Holy Spirit in balance with the paintings of Christ above the altar. In these windows we see the Father’s creative power in the sun, moon, and stars and the Creator’s star, its six points remind us of the six days of Creation. The Father’s all-seeing eyes watch over us with fatherly divine goodness and mercy. From the Father’s hands flows a river, continually pouring out His gracious blessings upon us. This river of blessing flows along the north and south windows, just as God’s blessings surround us throughout our life. The wings of the Holy Spirit, who appeared as a dove at Jesus’ baptism, also embrace us from the east windows.

The two windows above the north entrance (not pictured) contain the seals of Luther and Bethany, as well as an oil lamp and the open Book representing the Word of God, the “One Thing Needful.”