ylvisaker fine arts center

Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center

The S.C. Ylvisaker (ill-vih-sah-kur) Fine Arts Center was completed in 1989. This building houses the art, music, and theatre departments, Sigurd K. Lee Theater, a black box theater, and the Anna John Silber Recital Hall. Activities, competitions, and performances by student and community groups constitute a major part of the yearly events calendar. It is frequently referred to as “the YFAC”.

The Ylvisaker Fine Arts Center is located centrally on campus, between Honsey Hall, Meyer Hall, Trinity Chapel, and the Sports and Fitness Center. Find the YFAC on our Campus Maps page.

The building address is 715 Luther Dr, Mankato, MN. (All mail should be addressed to 700 Luther Dr.)

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Events in the YFAC

Inside the YFAC

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Offices in the YFAC