Tulips in a flower bed by Trinity Chapel

$150K in 150 Days Campaign

We met the goal! It is an exciting time at Bethany Lutheran College! We’ve seen a record enrollment, our new programs are growing, and our co-curricular programs have seen wonderful success. And while we’re pleased with the present, Bethany is always looking to the future. To support the continuous growth of the institution a special campaign was held from February 1 through June 30, 2019, to raise $150,000 in 150 Days to support our students and the future of Bethany Lutheran College. We were overwhelmed with the response received from our alumni, parents, and friends for this campaign! *$235,948 was raised through 1,197 gifts!

We can’t say this enough — Thank you to all in the Bethany Family who supported the 150K in 150 Days Campaign! The gifts received will ensure all of our students, today and into the future, receive the best Christ-centered, college education possible on campus, and will be prepared for successful futures utilizing their God-given talents!

*A portion of the total includes a matching gift of $50,000. The dollar-for-dollar match was announced on March 20 by a first-time donor to the College. In just over a month, the entire match was realized! All the funds raised for this special campaign were directed to the Bethany Fund.

  • Goal: $150,000
  • Percent of goal: 157%
  • Total gifts: $235,948 (includes matching dollars)
  • Number of gifts: $1,197
  • Largest gift: $50,000
  • Median gift: $50
  • Average gift: $198