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All the Vikings, All Together!

A campaign supporting the Bethany Fund
Goal - $625,000 raised by June 30, 2021
Goal Progress
Percent of Bethany Alumni Giving
Goal - 20%
All The Vikings Giving Stats
Largest Gift$0
Median Gift0
Average Gift$0

Oars jutting out the sides of the Viking ship, waves crashing, and a group of strong sailors, men and women, rowing and working together to keep the ship moving forward.

The collective support for “All the Vikings – All Together” campaign last academic year was so encouraging and heartwarming that we are asking for help again to ensure the Bethany ship keeps moving forward.

Our goal for the 2020-2021 Academic Year is to raise 625,000 dollars by June 30, 2021. There are many opportunities to contribute whether it is our Give to Bethany Day on Thursday, November 12, the student-run Bethany Phone-a-thon, or direct mailings, social media posts, or email requests sent throughout the year.

We humbly ask all in the Bethany Family to grab an oar, row with us, and make a gift to help the College continue to engage and equip the next generation with The One Thing Needful – their Savior, Jesus.

We need all the Bethany Vikings, All Together!

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All The Vikings, All Together!