All the Vikings campaign contributors

Below is a list of those who gave to support the All the Vikings, All Together campaign.

3M Foundation
Aastrup, Jay
Abbey, Sophia and Scott
AbbVie Inc.
Abel, Kaylan
Abel, Mary Ann
Abrahamson, Larry and Edith
Aderman, James and Sharon
Agenten, Douglas and Gloria
Agenten, Paul and Courtney
Alberts, Terry and Rick
Albrecht, Jenna
Alfred, Carolee and Rick
Aljadah, Monah and Carole
Amazon Smile Foundation
Anderson, Amber and Michael
Anderson, Dale and Carol
Anderson, David and Dorenda
Anderson, Eileen
Anderson, Eunice
Anderson, Mark and Debra
Anderson, Marla and Rick
Anderson, Matt and Emily
Anderson, Pat and Everell
Anderson, Quin and Sharon
Anderson, Richard and Britt
Anderson, Scott and Caralyn
Anders-Ous, Sheila and Greg
Annexstad, Lois
Annexstad, Rolf and Jean
Anthony, Dotty
Anthony, Will and Rachel
Argabrite, Nancy and Denny
Ask, Ellinore
Attarian, Dale and Joyce
Augst, Raymond and Joy
Augustine, John
Aumick, Robert
Aurand, Eric
Avenson, Karen and Larry
Backer, Karla
Bahn, Lael and LuAnn
Bakalar, Janet
Baker, Joseph
Bakke, Heather
Bakke, Shawn
Bakken, Brent and Terri
Balcer, Dorcas and Paul
Balge, Richard and Lois
Ball, Joan
Balza, Steve
Bare, Mary and Nathan
Barnes, Glenn and Jann
Barr, Robert and Erin
Bartel, Barbara
Bartels, Mark and Sherri
Bartelt, Brian and Josie
Barth, Staci and Zach
Bartsch, Mark and Rita
Bartsch, Mr. and Mrs. Elroy
Basel, Dustin and Roberta
Bateman, Ashley
Battenfeld, Brian and Kimberly
Battenfeld, Noah
Baumann, John
Baumberger, Paula
Bavier, Twyla
Bayerkohler, Glenn and Carolyn
Beatty, Michael
Bechtold, Tim and Anne
Beck, Darwin and Shari
Becker, Barb and Denis
Becker, David and Patricia
Becker, Denette and David
Becker, Jeffrey and Laura
Becker, Thomas and Linda
Beckmann, Raymond and Lois
Bedet, Jane and Don
Beer, Marvin and Jean
Behmer, Jake
Behmer, Matt and Beth
Behne, Charlene
Behr, Dennis and Joan
Belding, Beth
Bening, Elaine and Curtis
Bents, Ralph and Carol
Bents, Tom and Lori
Benzer, Bernis and Tom
Berg, Hope and Arnold
Bergquist, Inez and John
Berke, Larry and Kay
Berke, Marv and Wanda
Berkland, Randy and Linda
Berlinger, Jessica
Berlinger, Nick and Alicia
Berthiaume, Barb and Rick
Betcher, Bill and Judy
Bethany Ladies Aid, Luverne, MN
Bethany Lutheran Church, Princeton, MN
Bethany Lutheran Ladies Aid, Princeton, MN
Beyer, David
Bierman, Lori and Patrick
Biesterfeld, Ken and Margaret
Binder, Jerald and Gayle
Bindert, Matthew and Joanna
Birkholz, Dan and Jane
Birkholz, Jacob and Emily
Birkholz, Josh and Tracy
Bittner, Jon and Joan
Bjork, Irma
Blazek, Timothy and Julie
Bleess, Nick and Shelley
Bloedel, Chad and Talia
Bloedel, Karl and Kathy
Bloedel, Pete and Sarah
Blum, Mr. and Mrs. Blum
Blumer, Debbie and Eric
Bly, Frankie and Cindy
Boche, Ruth and Mark
Bockoven, Peter and Christine
Bode, Isaac
Bode, Joni and Tom
Bodjanac, Deb and Ted
Boecker, Mark and Rhonda
Boerner, Steve and Vicki
Boettcher, Cassie and Todd
Bohler, Steve and Lisa
Borchardt, Edward and Ann
Bordain, Amun
Borgwardt, Wayne and Myrna
Born, Silas and Mary
Borseth, Jim and June
Borslien, Paul
Bossow, Glenda
Bostelmann, Allan and Margaret
Botten, Joel
Boucher, Reece
Boushek, Mavis
Boushek, Sidney
Bower, Sharon
Bowerman, Franklin and Marie
Bramer, John and Bernice
Brandel, Lee and Jodi
Brase, Heidi and Robert
Brassow, Earl and Karen
Brech, Randy
Breimhorst, John and Wanda
Breitbarth, Neal and Juleen
Breitbarth, Steve and Janelle
Breitkreutz, Seth and Kelly
Brekken, Marci and Fred
Bridgewater Bank
Brillinger, Otto and Jean
Bro, Randy and Denise
Brouse, Judy
Brown, Robert and Margaret
Browne, Polly
Browne-Krosch, Crista and Mark
Brudvig, Erling
Brueggemeier, Paul and Florence
Bruns, Liz and Lynn
Bruss, Dan and Kathy
Bruss, Jon and Kristine
Bruss, Paul and Pauline
Bryan, Sharon
Buck, Don and Elizabeth
Budahn, Bryan and Kristen
Buelow, Rev. Buelow and Sara
Bukowski, Bill and Sherri
Burgdorf, Hal and Barbara
Burgdorf, Howard
Burgdorf, Larry and Sue
Burgdorf, Ted and Lois
Burgstiner, Dawn
Burk, Sharon
Burley, Louise and Harlan
Burmeister, Dick and Arlene
Burmeister, Fay and Jim
Busse, Frank and Luella
Butler, Arbutus
Butterfield, Mike and Vicki
Caflisch, Donna and Peter
Caflisch, Katie
Carl, David and Rachel
Carmichael, Jo
Cascione, Jerry and Mirjam
Cascione, Jerusha and Andrew
Cashman, Elizabeth
Cassadore, Delores
Cepek, Gary and Suanne
Chamberlin, Paul
Charlson, Lisa and Chuck
Chervestad, Kim and Barbara
Christenson, Joel and Elizabeth
Christian, Sharon
Christiansen, Craig and Lori
Clobes, Loren and Michal
Closs, Joan
Conrad, Paul
Cook, Nick and Emily
Cook, Rebecca and Steve
Cooper, Karin
Cordes, Tony and Brittany
Costello, Greg and Janet
Costello, John and Cindy
Costello, Kelly and Peter
Cote, Wyatt
Cottle Gordon, Stephanie and Alan
Covell, Ashley and David
Crabb, Allen and Cecilia
Cramer, Gary and Kris
Crawford, Mark and Cynthia
Crick, Matt and Renee
Crites, Rachel
Cutsforth, Jean
Dale, Lowell and Janice
Dale, Rodger and Connie
Daley, Evelyn
Dallenbach, Will
Dancer, Kim and Dan
Daniels, Susan
Dashcund, Camilla
Davidson, Mark
Davis, Beth and Jim
Davis, Evan
Davis, George and Marsha
Davis, Pam
Dawley, Stacey and Leonard
DeBeau, Dustin
Deckard, Jane
Degner, Shelia and Tim
Dekker, Carol and Todd
Diaz, Eddie
Dibbini, Mike and Trina
Dickerman, Joyce
Diehl, Frederick
Diersen, Bill and Mary
Dirkes, Krista
Dittmer, Miranda
Dobbs, Thomas
Doepel, Martin and Martha
Dohrwardt, Willard
Dominguez, Rebecca
Donev, Gwen and Zoran
Dorr, Luke
Dosch, Wade and Mary
Doughty, Douglas and Connie
Drager, Dave and Diane
Dressen, Barb
Drewek, Marc and Mary Anne
Duberowski, Mary and Roger
Duesterhoeft, Jane and Dean
Dukleth, Naomi
Dvorak, Amy and Brad
Eastvold, Darin and Shanna
Ebert, Ken and Sharon
Eckhardt, Loren and Jean
Edeker, LaVonne
Edwards, Amy and Jode
Edwards, Charlotte
Edwards, James
Edwards, Sara and Reggie
Eichhorst, Dean and Annabelle
Eidem, Charles and Ann
Ekhoff, Erwin and Cindy
Ely, Corrinne
Elyea, Roger and Charlene
Emory, Jace and Michelle
Ericksen, Shawn
Erickson, Mary
Erickson, Tim and Ellen
Ernst & Young Foundation
Ernst, David and Sharon
Espinoza, Brittany
Estate of Doris Schwan
Estate of Ellen and Cleo Kjenslee
Estate of Ellsworth Butt
Estate of Isabel Arneson
Evans, Eric and Lori
Ewert, Julie and David
Fadness, Melvin and Carol
Fahning, Lyle and Jane
Falconer, Carole
Family and Friends of Bethany Lutheran College
Farquhar, Bill and Mary
Farquhar, Lauren
Farrell, Thomas
Farren, Michael and Sandra
Fassett, Brent and Emily
Fassett, Scott and Katy
Faugstad, Abe and Elsie
Faugstad, Ben and Ashley
Faugstad, Dan and Julie
Faugstad, Emily
Faugstad, Esther
Faugstad, Jake and Birgetta
Faugstad, Joe and Maggie
Faugstad, Jon and Michele
Faugstad, Mark and Marlene
Faugstad, Norman and Adela
Faugstad, Peter and Kristin
Faugstad, Samuel
Fauk, Ruth
FBL Financial Group, Inc.
Fehr, Nate and Elisabeth
Fenger, Mike and Cynthia
Ferguson, Kenneth and Shirley
Ferkenstad, Aaron and Djem
Ferkenstad, Craig and Teresa
Fick, Lois and Paul
Fick, Zak and Maggie
Fickel, Elvyna and Gerald
Fignar, Bill and JoAnn
Finster, James and Sharon
Firle, Lynette and Jim
Fischer, Victor and Karen
Fischer, Wayne and Mary
Fittshur, Marlene
Flanagan, Carrie and Jerrel
Flantz, Kathy and Jim
Fletcher, Neil
Floyd, Bill and Susan
Floyd, Mackenzie
Folven, Jim and Laura
Foster, Jean
Foth, Steven and Nicole
Fowler, Donna and Jerry
Frandle, David and Gina
Frank, Edwin and Cynthia
Frederick, Glenn and Delores
Fredrich, Joel and Janet
Fredrickson, Ann and Sam
Fredrickson, Susan and Dale
Freimuth, Kurtis and Andrea
Freitag, Thomas and Luann
Freske, Mike
Fricke, Lucas
Friederichs, James and Ann
Fries, Jessie
Fries, Paul and Terri
Fritz, Craig and Sherri
Frost, JoAnn
Furholmen, David and Winkler, Brigitte
Garske, Jim and Judy
Gartland, Esther
Gartner, Daniel and Judith
Gates, Dana and Jennifer
Gehl, Robin
Gehlhar, Laura
Gehm, Evelyn
Gehrke, Myra
Geisler, David
Geistfeld, Ernie and Ione
General Mills Foundation
Gentele, Dennis and Patricia
George A. Hormel Foundation
Gerdts, Dan and Amanda
Gernander, Jerry and Susan
Gieseke, Eric and Chantelle
Gieseke, Sharon
Gillette, Tom and Phyllis
Glienke, Gary and Diane
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Cold Spring, MN
Gluesenkamp, Ray
Goebel, Marlin and Iris
Goede, Jeff and Chris
Goettlicher, Charles and Catherine
Goetzke, Emily and Robert
Gottschalk, Kay and Gary
Gould, Wendy
Grabau, Russell and Hope
Grabow, Seth
Grabow, Shaun and Nancy
Grace Lutheran Church, Hobart, IN
Graf, Wendy
Graham, Carolyn
Graif, Alyssa and Foster
Gramm, Sally
Gratz, Bruce
Green, Allen and Vivian
Green, Elaine
Griese, Judith and Edward
Griffin, Greg and Carol
Grimm, Bill and Janeen
Grosnick, Roger
Gullickson, Gail and Jason
Gullixson, David and Briana
Gullixson, Jim and Connie
Gullixson, Lila
Gullixson, Margaret
Gullixson, Norman and Becky
Gullixson, Sam and Anna
Gullixson, Ted and Diane
Gunderson, Darwin and Brenda
Gunderson, Lowell and Arlene
Gunderson, Megan and Eric
Gunderson, Paul and Meredith
Gunn, Dean and Lorie
Haaland, Jim and Judy
Hackbarth, Richard
Hackett, Hannah
Hackley, Margaret
Hagen, Annette and David
Hagen, Carol and Dave
Hahn, Luke and Angela
Hall, Curtis and Carolyn
Halverson, Drew and Emily
Halverson, Thomas and Shelly
Halvorson, Loren and Sue
Halvorson, Wayne
Hamre, Richard and Linda
Handberg, Marty and Lynn
Hanna, Karolyn
Hanna, Robert
Hansen Rickertsen, Christine
Hansen, Anita
Hansen, Glen and Sharon
Hansen, Jon and Chris
Hanson, Pat
Hanson, Paul and Sara
Hardenburger, Charles and Lisa
Harmon, Carol
Harris, John
Harris, Kevin
Harris, Richard and Nina
Harstad, Chris and Elizabeth
Harstad, Derek and Sarah
Harstad, Herman and Cheryl
Harstad, Nathan
Harstad, Peggy
Harstad, Sue
Hartigan, Norman and Cheryl
Hartley, Renata
Hartmann, Dari
Hartwig, Rev. Hartwig and Sarah
Hartzell, Nate and Barb
Hartzell, Tad and Jenn
Harvey, Meghan
Haugen, Greg and Patricia
Heartbird, Caleb and Sarah
Hecht, Virginia
Heckman, Robert and Shirley
Heidenreich, Bob and Ruth
Heidorn, Ken and Susan
Heidorn, Paul and Caroline
Heiliger, Cheryl
Heins, Chad and Jenni
Heintz, Eileen
Heitz, John and Connie
Helland, Tom and JoAnn
Helmen, Lori
Heminitz, Cathy
Henderson, Mary
Hendricks, Luke and Regina
Hendrickson, Jim and Judy
Henke, Betty and Martin
Hennen, Tom and Maria
Henrich, Karee
Herbek, Jerry and Kathryn
Hermanson, Ross and Betsy
Hewitt, Kevin and Jeanette
Hildebrandt, Lydia
Hildebrandt, Ruth and Dwight
Hilgert, David
Hill, Carmen and David
Hill, Fran and Tom
Hinrichs, Joyce and Howard
Hoback, Tom and Sue
Hoeft, Jeffrey and Sarah
Hoem, Jerry and Beth
Hoepner, Darrell and Karen
Hoffman, Beth
Holbird, Carolyn
Holbird, Doyle and Mary
Holman, Alice
Holmes, Ann
Holmes, Myrna
Holsten, Sheryl and John
Holt, Joseph and Marcia
Holt, Lorraine
Holt, Will and Lisa
Holy Trinity Ev. Lutheran School, Oconomowoc, WI
Holz, Michael
Homan, Brad and Julie
Hopp, Lynette
Hoppe, Karl and Lori
Horn, Norma and Cliff
Horneber, Adam and Cynthia
Horner, Sandra
Horrisberger, Paul and Carol
Horst, Lori
Howard, Carole and Bob
Huebner, Leland
Huffman, Roger and Karen
Huhnerkoch, Herb and Barbara
Hull, Pat and Wanda
Humann, Jon and Mami
Humphrey, William and Karen
Hurley, Kari and Patrick
Huseby, Jeff
Hybl, Richard
Ihns, Delbert
Immanuel Sunday School, Audubon, MN
Ims, Scott and Julie
InFaith Community Foundation
Inniger, Ben and Alyssa
Inniger, Jeffrey and Tracey
Isch, Prof. Isch
Ittner, Roger
Iverson, Ramond
Jacob, Christine
Jacob, Jeremy and Jennifer
Jaeger, Donald and Marjorie
Jaeger, Mark and Joyce
Jaeger, Mike and Kris
Jahn, Curtis and Susan
Jahr, Angie
Jannsen, Kayla
Janssen, Larry
Jarmuz, Timothy
Jelken, Andrew
Jensen, Brad and Emily
Jensen, Dean and Dianne
Jessen, Sandra
Johnson, Angie and Lars
Johnson, Dan and Julie
Johnson, David
Johnson, David
Johnson, Del and Judy
Johnson, Gary and Jackie
Johnson, Joel and Joyce
Johnson, Lars and Angie
Johnson, Lois and Steve
Johnson, Mark and Amy
Johnson, Michael and Teresa
Johnson, Peter and Susan
Johnson, Tyler and Catherine
Johnston, Janean
Jones, Lyle and Katie
Jorgenson, Bill and Jeri
Joubert, Polly
Julson, Dennis
Just, Dale and Marilyn
Kain, Dale and Elaine
Kaminsky, Gary and Marita
Kaminsky, Nicholas
Kannenberg, Del and Barbara
Karlsrud, Wayne and Kathleen
Karow, Eileen and Paul
Kasper, Ed and Barbara
Keat, Ken and Kathy
Kelton, Susan and James
Kendall, June
Kenyon, Dave
Kenyon, Tom
Kerkow, Brad and Rachel
Kessel, Bill and Lynne
Ketel, Roger and Susan
Kietzer, Betty
Kim, Young and Margaret
Kinakin, Paul and Gwen
Kind, Chris and Pam
Kind, Karen
King of Grace Lutheran Church, Golden Valley, MN
King, Bart and Suzanne
Kison, Al
Klaus, Glenn and Mary
Klebig, Dawn and Brian
Klindworth, Carol and Roland
Klindworth, Joshua and Karen
Klinkel, Marlene
Klockziem, Gloria
Kludtke, Len and Susan
Kluge, Dean and Cathy
Klute, Sue
Knickelbein, Tim
Knudson, Orlin and Doreen
Knudson, Rachel
Knutson, Betty
Knutson, Laurie and Todd
Knutson, Todd and Elizabeth
Koch, Robert and Lila
Koenen, Marjory and David
Koenen, Marjory and David
Kohls, Benjamin
Kohn, Connie and James
Kom, Jen and Joel
Kopacek, Carolyn and Steve
Koschmann, Mark and Dorothy
Kovaciny, Larry and Rachel
Kracht, Jim and Linda
Kragh, Mariah
Kral, Jake
Kramer, Caroline
Kramer, Robinand& Carol
Krause, Carol and Robert
Krause, Cynthia
Krause, James and Paula
Krause, Marilyn and Ken
Krause, Olga
Krause, Tim and Jessica
Krauss, Mitchell and Maria
Krebsbach, Linda
Krengel, Paul and Megan
Krentz, Wallace
Kreuzer, Bob
Krier, Jake and Gretta
Krier, Taylor
Krier, Thomas and Carole
Kringel, Frank and Nancy
Kroll, Daniel and Karen
Kromschroeder, Keith and Jane
Kroon, Mike
Krszjzaniek, Diane and David
Krueger, Andrew
Krueger, Cindy
Krueger, Heather
Krueger, Jane
Krumsieg, Cindy and Dan
Kruse, Ronald and Vivian
Kuball, Jodi and Dan
Kuckhahn, Beth and Tom
Kuhens, KatieJo
Kulik, Steven and Marge
Kunkel, Dennis and Connie
Kurtenbach, Douglas and Elizabeth
Kurth, Leah
Kurth, Travis and Marie
Kusbel, Lasea
Kuster, Matt and Ruth
Kuster, Ted and Helga
Kuster, Tom and Judy
Laack, Fred and Ann
Ladd, Steven and Bonnie
Lams, Fred and Rebecca
Land O’Lakes
Lane, Tony
Lange, Dustin and Angie
Langerud, Debra
Langhorst, Rev.and& Mrs. Langhorst
Langr, Andy and Cassandra
Langr, Grace
Larsen, Philip and Terri
Larson, Marilyn
Lauer, Mike and Julie
Laulainen, John and Marilyn
Lecy, Greg and Becky
Lee, Caroline
Lee, Erik and Tessy
Lee, Sig
Leiding, Geneva
Leiran, Marlys

LeMay, Jennifer and Dave
Lemke, Donna
Lemke, Jeff and Erika
Lemke, Lenora
Lemmermann, Jackie
Lendt, Mike and Alannah
Lentz, Tom and Diane
Letts, Marlys
Leverenz, Edith and Fred
Levin, Gregg and Naomi
Levin, Mary
Levine, Charles
Levorson, Anita
Levorson, Judy
Levorson, Paul and Helen
Levorson, Ron and Gail
Leyrer, Philip and Beth
Lightfuss, Fay and Dale
Lilienthal, Michael and Sarah
Lillo, Gary
Lillo, James and JoAnn
Lillo, Neil and Karen
Lin, Aleta and Jeff
Lindberg, Erik and Betty
Lindenberg, Barbara
Lindgren, Chad and Lisa
Lindholm, Rev. Lindholm and Betty
Lindstrom, Blake and Kenzie
Lindwurm, Susan and Norbert
Linn, David
Lippert, Olivia
Litfin, Denny
Lo, Andy and Pei-Loh
Locklair, David and Kallie
Loe, Ellen
Loehr, Steve and Cheryl
Loehrs, Justin and Laura
Loging, Jon and Kate
Loging, Shawn
Lohmiller, Frederick and Susan
Londgren, Brandon and Rachel
Longmire, Karen
Lonnquist, Allen and Pam
Lorenz, Fred and Roberta
Love, Jodi
Lowrey, Rachel and Jason
Lowry, Charles and Marcy
Luckstein, Don and Rebecca
Luecke, Karen and Tom
Luedeke, Art and Sandy
Luedtke, Gloria
Luiken, Elayne and Everett
Lukasek, Matt and Kristen
Lukasek, Mike and Karyn
Lukens, Joyce and Mike
Lundblad, Larry and Karen
Lundquist, Paula
Lundsten, Jill
Lundsten, Terry and Beth
Lussky, Fred and Doris
Lussky, Glenn
Lussky, Steve
Lyman, Heidi
Lyngholm, Derick and Dianna
Lyngholm, Tom and Barb

Maas, Dan and Joanne
MacKain, Jean Marie
MacPherson, Ryan and Marie
Madsen, Chad and Deana
Madsen, Kevin and Judy
Madson, Andy and Margaret
Madson, Dave and Jan
Madson, Doug
Madson, Jon and Sharen
Madson, Norman
Magnan, Harold
Main, Don and Cheryl
Malenke, Dennis and Sandra
Manthe, Rosella
Manthe, Ted and Cristen
Marks, Gloria and Ron
Marozick, Mark and Linda
Marquardt, Dale and Elizabeth
Martin, Jason and Brandy
Martin, Loretta
Marzinske, Mike and Naomi
Marzinske, Robert and Le Ann
Marzinske, Todd and Darci
Marzolf, Carllie
Marzolf, Dennis and Beth
Maschoff, Megan
Maske, JoAnn
Mathison, Ron
Matsche, Michael and Linda
Matthees, Marcia
Matthews, Miriam and Larry
Matzke, Gerhard and Carolyn
Matzke, Marge and Fred
Maxfield, Alice
Maxfield, John and Jennifer
Mayer, Josh and Jonnica
McAlpine, Mary and Don
McClellan, Heather
McComb, Mary
McDowell, Bridget
McGarigle, Jim and Kris
McGregor, Byron and Karen
McLaughlin, Tomand& Theresa
McLean, Deb and Wally
McLean, Irma
McManus, Mary and Dennis
Mears, Josh and Laura
Meder, Judy
Meer, Rhoda
Mehrkens, Glen and Millie
MEI Minnesota Elevator, Inc.
Meier, Lois
Meilner, William and Janet
Meinders, Joshua and Selana
Meissner, Dennis and Joanne
Melby, Geoffrey and Vickie
Melcher, Beverly
Mellon, Ken and Carol
Mellon, Paul and Patty
Menke, Jim and Doris
Merchant, Brian and Noella
Merchant, Curt and Kathy
Merchlewitz, Shelly and Frank
Merriman, Warren and Sandra
Merritt, Chris and Dani
Merseth, Jeff and Megan
Merseth, John and Lorena
Merseth, Juel and Lyn
Merten, Ben and Jill
Messiah Lutheran Church, Omro, WI
Messner, Landon and Alyssa
Messner, Paul and Janet
Meunier, Myrna and Eric
Meyer, Gary and Susan
Meyer, Gayle
Meyer, Jim and Bonnie
Meyer, Joe and Connie
Meyer, Joel and Jane
Meyer, Ken and Barbara
Meyer, Leroy and Doby
Meyer, Lon and Miriam
Meyer, Marv and Pat
Meyer, Peter and Kendra
Meyer, Tim and Elaine
Meythaler, DeAnn and Jay
Mickelson, Irene and Warren
Mickelson, Ruthann and Bob
Mielke, Angela and John
Mightycause Charitable Foundation , Mightycause Charitable Foundation
Mildebrandt, Andrew and Cindy
Milinkovich, Jim and Amy
Miller, Judy
Minor, Jim and Terry
Modene, Judith
Moeller, Jon and Amanda
Moeller, Peter and Kellie
Moldstad, Don and Gina
Moldstad, Jake and Kathryn
Moldstad, John and Joslyn
Moldstad, John and June
Moldstad, Matt and Joni
Montreal, Peggy and Steve
Moo, Mya and Ma
Moore, John and Janice
Morales, Chris and Beth
Morris, Bob
Morrison, Donna and Paul
Morschen, Sylvester and Ruth
Moses, Galen
Muehlenhardt, Katie
Muehlenhardt, Mike and Brenda
Muehring, Jerry and Pam
Mueller, Rev. Mueller and Rebekah
Mumme, Edgar
Mumme, Paul and Lori
Mumme, Rev. Mumme and Glenda
Mundahl, Daniel
Mundt, Anne and Andrew
Muzzey, Leila
Myers, Janelle and Carl
Myrlie, Orlin and Judith
Naatz, Deborah and Cecil
Narges, Chuck
Narges, Phyllis
Nass, Tom and Janice
National Christian Forensics and Communications Association
Natvig, Hal and Marsha
Natvig, Jon and Cindy
Natvig, Oakleigh and Holly
Neff, Dan and Victoria
Neidhold, Eunice
Neipert, Ken and Linda
Nelson, Charlotte
Nelson, Evie
Nelson, Harland and Cheryl
Nelson, Inez and Glade
Nelson, Jason and Ashley
Nelson, Leslie
Nelson, Linda
Nessler, Dan
Neubauer, Bryan and DeeAnn
New Life Lutheran Church, Sebring, FL
Newgard, Hazel
Neyhart, Dale and Joyce
Nibbe, Janice
Nichols, Roger and Marilyn
Nixon, Dennis and Maureen
Noerenberg, Diane
Noethe, Louise and Jim
Nolte, John and Cheryl
Nordlie, Lila Mae
Norris, David and Tanya
Novotny-Hoffman, Anna
Nuss, Ruth
Nutrition for Success, LLC
Oak Park Ladies Aid, Oklee, MN
O’Brien, Laurie and Brian
Odegaard, Karen
Ohland, Chris
Ohlendorf, John and Erika
Ohlendorf, Ray and Beverly
Olenicoff, Jeanne and Igor
Ollrich, Nick and Elise
Ollrich, Teddy
Olm, Jim and Joanne
Olsen, Jeff
Olsen, Julian and Lavonne
Olseth, Jennifer
Olson, Becky
Olson, Crystal
Olson, Roger
Olson, Ruth and Jim
O’Neill, Ron and Marlene
Ordal, Douglas
Orvick, Mark and Lisa
Orvick, Ruth
Otten, Grace
Otten, James
Otto, Lois
Otto, Paul and Carolyn
Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Lake Havasu City, AZ
Overn Taylor, Kathleen and Dan
Overn, Andy and Laurie
Overn, Robert and Lois
Overvold, Fern
Paasch, Sarah
Pahlow, Donald and Ruth
Palmer, Deanna and Jeff
Palmer, Ivan
Palmquist, Andrew and Christine
Panning, Dorothy
Parametric Matching Gift Program
Parker, Gary and Darlene
Parker, Larry and Ruth
Parker, Mel and Susan
Paulsen, Kurt
Paus, Carol
Pedersen, Scott and Steph
Pederson, Josh
Pederson, Kari
Pederson, Ronald
Pelzl, Theodore and Jean
Pemble, John and Lynnell
Peng, Esther
Pepsi-Cola of Mankato, Inc.
Perlwitz, Mark and Renee
Perrin, Nick
Perry, Leslie and Kathleen
Petermann, Steve and Ruth
Petersen, John and Joyce
Petersen, Steve and Kathy
Peterson, Bruce and Tania
Peterson, Eric
Peterson, Gordy and Carolyn
Peterson, John and Sally
Peterson, Lois and Bill
Peterson, Tom and LuAnn
Petzel, Ben and Allison
Petzel, Judy and Randy
Petzel, Krista and Kyle
Pfarr Walker, Amy
Pfeifer, Floyd and Joyce
Pfeifer, Gene and Carrie
Phillips, Eunice
Pieper, Henry and Roxanne
Pitzner, David and Kathleen
Pogatchnik, Carol and Lowell
Polzin, Sandra
Possail, Glenyce and Clarence
Potocnik, Ivy
Power, Bronson
Pratt, Brad and Teresa
Preus, Peter and Julie
Pribbenow, Sarah
Price, Joseph
Prigge, Mandy
Proksch, Nick and Becky
Pytleski, Tim and Stacy
Quasius, Larry and Kay
Quist, Dan and Mandie
Quist, Oren and Karen
Quist, Steve and Ruth
Rabe, Kathy and Geven
Radatz, Andy and Jeannie
Radke, Ken
Radway, John and Karen
Raleigh, Karen
Randolph, Dorothy
Rank, Doris
Rank, Tom and Sonja
Rassier, Elizabeth and Paul
Ray, Bob and Cecilia
Reagles, David and Karla
Reagles, Steve and Patti
Rebecca’s Sewing Circle, Albert Lea, MN
Rector, Lorene
Redeemer Lutheran Ladies Aid, Lawler, IA
Reformation Lutheran Church, Hillsboro, OR
Reid, Robert and Sandy
Reinholtz, Gary and Brenda
Reinholtz, Joan
Reinholtz, Rollie and Lois
Reinsch, Morica
Remmele, Eileen
Remmele, Gary and Becky
Remmele, Paul and Berdella
Rethemeyer, Ruth and Keith
Rettmer, Georgia
Retz, Franklin and Julie
Retzlaff, Lorraine
Reul, Tom
Richert, Tim and Megan
Richie, David and Holly
Rients, June
Riesinger, Beth
Riewe, Brenda
Ring, Alex and Caroline
Ring, Maren and James
Ring, Marie
Ring, Mary and Garry
Ringen, James and Alice
Ringen, Josh and Kristi
Ringham, Jayne
Riske, Roni and Jim
Ritter, John and Angela
Roberson, Thomas and Linda
Robertson, Connie and Lloyd
Rockwell International Corp Trust
Roeber, Katie and Scott
Roemhildt, Evelyn
Roemhildt, Gene
Roemhildt, Marlys
Roemhildt, Tim and Jody
Rogness, Becky and Noah
Rohrer, Christine and Jeff
Rosener, Tony and Doris
Rossiter, Craig
Rost, Barbara
Ruch, Richard and Darla
Rude, Nick
Runeberg, Lloyd and Jeanne
Russell, Julie
Rutz, Joann Rutz
Ruzek, Teresa and Charles
Ryan, Bob and Dorothy
Rysavy, Michele and Brian
Sahlstrom, Peter and Amanda
Salgado, Sergio
Saude Lutheran Church, Lawler, IA
Scamehorn, Lisa and Richard
Schaefer, Dan
Schaffer, Matthew and Brittany
Schapekahm, Gerhard and Lois
Schapekahm, Leroy and Carol
Scharlemann, Jon and Rachel
Scheels All Sports
Schey, Bernie and Ingeborg
Schilling, Craig and Sarah
Schlechte Farms, Inc.
Schlicht, Sarah and Matthew
Schlomer, John and Janice
Schmidt, Alice
Schmidt, Andy and Jenny
Schmidt, Dan
Schmidt, Dennis and Judy
Schmidt, Ken and Sharon
Schmidt, Kriss Ann and Gerry
Schmidt, Magen and Tim
Schmidt, Scott and Ella
Schmitt, Val and Jacob
Schneider, Jacob and Lydia
Schneider, Paul and Barbara
Schoen, Ashley and Jonathan
Schoeneck, Mark and Delores
Schoer, Corinne
Schreiner, Patrick and Lana
Schroeder, Daniel
Schroeder, Howard
Schroeder, John and Stephanie
Schultz, Anita
Schultz, Daryl and Corrine
Schultz, Duane and Patricia
Schultz, Michaela
Schultz, Nathan and Shelly
Schultz, Nik and Jenny
Schumacher, Linda
Schumpe, Philip and Carol
Schumpe, Rev. and Mrs. Schumpe
Schwartz Family Foundation
Schwartz, Arvid and Judy
Schwartz, Lance and Jennifer
Schwertfeger, Mike and Jennifer
Schwichtenberg, Jon and Janice
Scislow, Jim and Karen
Seals, Mr. and Mrs. Seals
Sehloff, John and Kari
Seidl, Rise
Seitzer, Sue
Shambour, Marty and Kim
Shane, Eileen and Richard
Shelvik, Jane and Norman
Shoop, Dean and LuAnn
Shubert, Lisa and Robert
Side, Heather and Burke
Siewert, Howard and Rhoda
Silber, Ned and Jayme
Simonson, Audrey
Sjoberg, John and Pam
Skaaland, Sam and Irene
Skaaland, Tosten and Diane
Skogen, David and Martha
Skogen, Joshua and Katie
Skogen, Virjean
Skoglund, Milton and Eileen
Slaker, Ralph and Maggie
Smidt, Orville and Charlotte
Smith, Bob and Ruth
Smith, Chan and Sarah
Smith, John and Sandra
Smith, Jordan
Smith, Tim and Kath
Sny, Sharon
Snyder, Georgia
Snyder, Peter and Jenell
Solheim, Dianne and Robert
Solting, Sybil and John
Sonnenburg, Duane and Karen
Sontag, Thomas and Cynthia
Soost, Mike
Sorenson, Paul
Sorenson, Scott and Kris
Soule, Bob and Madelyn
Soule, Erik and Lori
Soule, William and Emily
Spaeth, John and Esther
Sparby, Melanie
Spaude, Nancy
Spieker, Vern and Gillian
Spieker, Wayne
Sponberg Family Foundation
Sponberg, Michael
Stadler, Janice and Tony
Stadler, Jonathan
Starkel, Nick and Arin
Steele, Mary and David
Steffen, Elaine and Robert
Stelter, Andrea
Stelter, Julie and Dave
Stelter, Wally and Dolores
Sterner, Robert and Joyce
Sternitzky, Catherine
Stevensen, Kim
Stiefel, William and Danette
Stob, Timothy and Leanne
Stoesz, Timothy and Jennifer
Stoltenow, Charles
Strand, Ron and Nancy
Stratton, Jacob
Streed, Steve
Stresman, Gary and Kathy
Streufert, Eunice and Norbert
Strom, Brian and Rebecca
Strong, Michael and Carol
Struck, Fred and Joy
Struck, Keith and Anna
Strusz, Marie and Curt
Studanski, Kim and Tom
Stueck, Tom
Suhr, Kristin
Swain, Ann and Dean
Swanson, Charlene
Swanson, Lance
Swearingen, Danny
Sweere, Penny and Paul
Swenson, Howard and Jane
Swenumson, Paul and Gretchen
Tagatz, Wally and Charlotte
Tangen, ReNae and Robert
Tanger, Charles and Hazel
Tatge, Renee
Taus, Evelyn
Taylor, Anna
Taylor, Carin
Taylor, Don
Tecken, Doug and Ronna
Teigen, Martin and Albina
Tennison, Jolene
Tesch, Christopher and Roseanne
Theis, Corey and Geri
Theiste, Arlene
Theiste, Fred
Theiste, Norm and Susan
Theiste, Ted and Sylvia
Thiele, Tim and Nancy
Thomas, Eric
Thomforde, Paul and Georgina
Thomforde, Phyllis and Chuck
Thompson, Dave and Jenna
Thompson, Elaine
Thompson, Noah and Courtney
Thrivent Financial
Tillman, Scott
Timm, Charles and Marla
Timm, Darlene
Tobias, James
Tobias, Jim and Shirley
Tollefson, Gale and Patricia
Tolzman, Alan and Becky
Tommerdahl, Brian and Julie
Toppers Pizza
Torres, Lissa
Tragasz, Richard and Cindy
Trapp, Carol
Trautman, Scott and Charlie
Traylor, Sara
Treffert, Darold and Dorothy
Trovall, Erik and Jennifer
Trueblood, Lisa
Tschirhart, Arlene
Tudahl, Julie
Tungsvik, Byron and Sandy
Tweit, Bernt and Katie
Tweit, Seth
Tyler, Larry and Aline
Ulmen, Mark
Ulrich, Luke and Rachel
Ulrich, Timothy and April
Ulrich, Whit and Kay
Umphrey, Douglas and Teresa
Union Pacific GivePlus Program
Unseth, Allan
Urban, Jeff and Barb
Urban, Quintin and Audrey
Urban, Richard
Urban, Sarah
Urberg, Rev. Soren and Mrs. Patricia
Valleau, Mike and Rebecca
Valley News Company Charity Fund
Van Dyke, Elaine and David
Van Dyken, Shad and Crystal
Van Hee, Bob and Joanne
Van Kampen, Piet and Charity
Van Zomeren, Renae and Mark
Vance, Dan and Carolyn
Vandermause, Greg and Missy
Vaubel, Rachael
Verbitsky, Alan and Laurie
Vierck, Carl and Carol
Vierck, Paul
Vikla, Mark and Carol
Vinton, Larry and Betty
Vinz, Jim and Lori
Vlieger, Estelle and Michael
Voigt, Norm and Landy
Vomhof, Rev. Ervine
Vosbeck, Claudia
Voth, Althea and Martin
Wagner, Ruth
Wagner, Terry and Susan
Wakefield, Bill and Julie
Walker, Mark
Walsh, David and Bethany
Warnke, Wanda
Waters, Jerry
Wayne and Marilyn Dalchow Charitable Fund
Webber, David and Carol
Weberg, Cynthia and Bert
Weckwerth, Gary and Debbie
Weddig, Steve and Kathy
Wehrenberg, Eunice
Weigel, Linda
Weimer, Hope
Wells Fargo Bank-Mankato
Wells Fargo Foundation
WELS Lutheran Military Support Group, Inc.
Wempen, Kristi
Wencl, Nicole and William
Wenger, Kathy
Wermedahl, Boyd and Sharon
Werner, Ann
Werner, Norm and Liz
Werner, Paul
Weseloh, Vivian and Larry
Westera, Mona
Westphal, Art and Terri
Westphal, Don and Beth
Westphal, Eric
Westphal, Patti and Kevin
Westerlund, Janet and Jason
Wezler, Dorothy
White, Alice
White, Heidi
Widmer, Rachel and Robert
Wiechmann, Ben and Emily
Wiechmann, David and Ann
Wiechmann, Richard and Jean
Wiechmann, Tim and Beth
Wiederhoeft, Keith and Joni
Wierschke, Josh and Alison
Wierschke, Mark and Cindy
Wiest, Mark
Wilkens, Lois
Willaert, Joe and Pam
Williams, Richard and Brenda
Winklemann, Marvis and Don
Witte, Harvey and Georgene
Wold, Paul and Karen
Wolf, Keith and Anne
Wolfrath, Dalton and Ellen
Wolfrath, Stephen and Christine
Woller, Amanda
Woller, Eric and Denice
Woller, Kevin and Joy
Younge, Jeff and Angie
Younge, Joe and Sara
Younge, Nate and Jane
Younge, Paul and Nga
Younge, Ron and Mary
Zahner, James and Darryll
Zarrett, Rob and Sharon
Zastrow, Chelle and Dale
Ziegler, Doug and Tami
Ziemke, Kristin and Joe
Zimmerman, Annette
Zimmerman, David and Kimberly
Zimmerman, Kevin and Suzanne
Zink, Joel