Students walking to class in Honsey Hall


Bethany Lutheran College provides Christian higher education in a challenging academic environment where personal mentoring guides students to pursue knowledge, truth, and discernment for productive and fulfilling lives.

Bethany’s small class sizes, knowledgeable professors, close-knit community, and a variety of academic resources work together to provide a great environment for academic success.

Bethany's Academic Environment

Faculty Accessibility. Bethany professors are accessible both in and out of the classroom. They are dedicated to their fields and committed to teaching. The low 11 to 1 faculty:student ratio means professors can dedicate more time to each student.

Collaborative Learning. Learning takes place in several ways at Bethany. Regardless of the approach a class or professor takes, students are encouraged to learn and study in a collaborative environment. Often working in small groups to research topics, complete projects, and present to the class, our students are both challenged and motivated by the work and ideas of others. 

Community. Bethany students and faculty work openly together. This approach creates an environment of academic camaraderie that fosters educational growth in ways that some larger institutions cannot offer. Experience our academic community firsthand by attending a class and meeting with one of our professors during a campus visit.