BLC Debate Scrimmage

The Bethany Debate Scrimmage is postponed until after the COVID crisis.

The Scrimmage consists of two parts:

  • A training session in the morning for new debaters. This training session will include:
    • Rules and procedures of Parliamentary Debate
    • Basic case construction
    • Debate Strategies
  • Scrimmage debates

The training session will be designed for new debaters, but experienced debaters and coaches are encouraged to sit in and contribute to the education. 

The scrimmages will be debates that are watched/judged by the rest of the debaters and coaches in the afternoon. A discussion will happen after each round. Depending on the numbers, participants may be divided into multiple rooms, each with experienced coaches, judges, and debaters. While not all debaters will get a chance to debate, much learning will happen!

If you are not attending the morning training session, you are still welcome to come to the scrimmages in the afternoon. 

This event is free! There are no awards, judging fees, or food…just debate!


  • 9 am – Debate Training Session
  • 1 pm – Debate Scrimmage #1
  • 2:30 – Debate Scrimmage #2
  • 4 pm – Debate Scrimmage #3

Please email Jon Loging to register for the Scrimmage by Wednesday, Sept. 18.