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Academic Services

Academic Advising

Bethany stresses the importance of the advisor/advisee relationship. Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor. The advisor assists the student in selecting courses and planning class schedules each semester as well as with their Baccalaureate planning. Members of the faculty are available to advise students within their own special fields of competence. Students also are encouraged to consult with the Registrar at any time during the year.

Student Mentoring

Bethany offers free academic support to all students. For the specific areas of math and writing, academic support centers are available at regularly scheduled times for students to walk in and receive assistance. Personal tutors are also available for most other academic areas and may be obtained by directly contacting the Academic Resource Center Coordinator.


All new students are required to attend a program of orientation and assessment at the beginning of the school year. The orientation process continues through the seminar format in FRSM101 which meets weekly during the fall semester. This class is intended to give new students skills and information which will help them succeed in college. In addition, this seminar seeks to promote an awareness of the purposes of Christian higher education as it relates to student growth and a commitment to life-long learning.

Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides students, faculty, administration, and the larger campus community with the knowledge, skills, and technological resources to learn, teach, work, and excel in an increasingly technological campus and world.

Travel Courses

In addition to the standard curriculum, Bethany offers study tours designed to broaden the student’s perspective, deepen understandings, and explore a variety of culturally interesting destinations. Various departments sponsor credit generating travel experiences. These opportunities are an important aspect of a liberal arts education.


Bethany recognizes the need for students to enhance their classroom learning experiences through participation in internship programs. Part-time or full-time experiences outside of the classroom that are closely related to the student’s specific career and academic interests are required for the Communication major. Internships are also encouraged for the Business Administration major and other majors. For more information contact your Faculty Advisor.

Military Science (ROTC Program)

The resources and programs of the U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) are available to Bethany Lutheran College Students. These resources include scholarships and classes.  For complete information, contact the registrar or call (507) 389-6229.

Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program

Bethany participates in the Minnesota Post Secondary Enrollment Option Program (PSEOP), which allows Minnesota high school students to attend selected Bethany classes at no cost.