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The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps offers leadership courses built into your standard college coursework. You can try the program and the Army for the first two years with absolutely no obligation. However, a wide variety of options are available to those interested in becoming an officer in the United States Army. Scholarships and other financial assistance options are available for students with two, three, or four years left in school. Bethany students who receive a full-tuition ROTC scholarship will also receive BLC gift aid in an amount equal to standard room and board charges.*

We also offer options for Graduate students. The best part of the program is the focused leadership development you can utilize in any aspect of your life and whatever career you choose. As a member of the Maverick Battalion you’ll enhance your college experience and better prepare yourself for your future, where ever it takes you.

* Total Bethany gift aid, including academic scholarships, will be limited to the amount of standard room and board charges for Bethany students who receive a full tuition ROTC scholarship.

Maverick Battalion

The Maverick Battalion is comprised of three local colleges. The host school is Minnesota State University Mankato, with strong partnerships with Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN and Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, MN. Students can be enrolled at any of the three colleges and participate in ROTC. Classes and Lead Labs are held at Minnesota State Mankato. Physical Training is conducted on both Gustavus and MSU campuses. The diversity of the three schools combine to make the Maverick Battalion a consistently strong Army ROTC program.

Our cadets are students first.
Our staff is experienced and diversified in their backgrounds.
Our program maintains a distinguished history of producing top notch Lieutenants for the US Army.

For more information

Call the Maverick Battalion ROTC Office at (507) 389-6220.