Childbearing Family Nursing (NURS 410)

This course focuses on nursing care of childbearing families. Physiologic and psychosocial changes that occur in women from adolescence through adulthood are examined. Legal/ethical, cultural, educational, complications, and family considerations related to pregnancy, birth, and newborn periods are discussed. Emphasis is placed on the use of the nursing process to identify physiologic, psychosocial, educational, and cultural needs of childbearing families and implement appropriate interventions to provide family-centered nursing care. Therapeutic communication, health promotion, risk assessment, and patient teaching of individuals and families during pregnancy and birth are incorporated. Clinical practicum experiences will occur in hospital and community childbirth care settings. This course is required for the B.S. in Nursing. Only students progressing in the Nursing major may register for this course.

NURS410 is a 4 credit course.