Latin America Literature (SPAN 350)

This course will be taught through an agreement with Wisconsin Lutheran College. Why do we study stories? Stories sit at the basis of our cognitive structure. We look at the world through stories. There's a hierarchy of stories, some are better than others, deeper than others. Great literature is deep (it holds its value over time); deep means affecting many things simultaneously. Deep narratives are at the base of our culture and everything in our culture depends on them. Stories posit cultural structures to the world. The stories and poetry we read in this class will guide us to better understand not only Latin American culture, but Culture in general. Additionally, reading and discussing them in Spanish will help raise your level of articulation. In this class we will begin our survey of early Latin American literature with the first pieces recorded on the South American continent such as Popul Vuh and continue through the 20th century. Prerequisite: SPAN305 - Conversation and Literature I.

SPAN350 is a 3 credit course.