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Online Summer Courses

Summer online courses give Bethany students more flexibility. These are the same courses with the same expectations and outcomes as courses offered on campus during the school year. Unlike face-to-face courses, each day during the summer online students can decide when to log in to “attend class”, can hand in assignments to professors over the Internet, and will complete courses in about half the time compared to a traditional semester.

By taking courses over the summer, Bethany students can:

  1. stay on track to graduate on time, especially if they missed courses required for a degree or switched to a different major.
  2. lighten their workloads during semesters when they will have difficult courses that will require more time and attention
  3. enrich their credentials by freeing up time to pursue an internship, study abroad opportunity, or double major.
How to Register
  1. Login to MyBLC.
  2. Click the Student tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Registration link on the left of the Student page.
  4. Select the link to Add/Drop Courses on the Registration page.
  5. Select the Summer 2019-20 term.
  6. Click the links to complete the agreements before you are able to select your courses.
  7. Choose up to 8 credits of courses that you would like to take.