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Accounting Courses

This is a listing of Accounting classes available at Bethany. These courses are included in the Business Administration Major requirements. Not all courses are available every semester. Please contact the registrar with any questions.

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CodeCourse Title / Description
ACCT210Accounting I 3 credits
Principles and practices required to prepare and analyze business records are introduced. Topics covered include the accounting cycle, internal control, accounts receivable, inventories, current liabilities, depreciation, payroll accounting, and partnerships. Prerequisites: MATH115 - Quantitative Reasoning, MATH130 - Applied Algebra and Trigonometry, MATH151 - Calculus I or MATH152 - Calculus II.
ACCT211Accounting II 3 credits
Topics introduced in ACCT210 - Accounting I are extended with coverage of corporate accounting, long-term liabilities, cash flows, financial statement analysis, international accounting, management accounting, budgets, variance analysis, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: ACCT210 - Accounting I or consent of instructor.