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This is a listing of Business (BUSN) classes available at Bethany. These courses are included in the requirements for the Business Administration Major and other programs. Not all courses are available every semester. Please contact the registrar with any questions.

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CodeCourse Title / Description
BUSN101Introduction to Business 3 credits
Students are acquainted with the nature of business and its various activities. Forms of ownership, management, marketing, human resources, finance, and accounting are viewed in context of economic, social, political, technical, and industry environments in which a business operates.
BUSN307Business Communications and Lab 3 credits
Effective business and professional communication in written, electronic, verbal, nonverbal and team modes serve as the focus for this class. Students develop and strengthen communication skills through a variety of methods, including analysis of business and professional documents; in-class written, verbal, and team exercises; and formal written assignments.
BUSN310Principles of Management 3 credits
Traditional and contemporary management principles are examined and applied in light of the driving force of change that affects all organizations. The principles of teamwork, collaboration, participation, and learning are used to develop critical thinking and analytical skills essential for success in today's business world.
BUSN330Principles of Marketing 3 credits
The marketing process and environment, marketing ethics, buyer behavior, targeting and market research, e-commerce, and basic product, price, distribution and promotion concepts serve as an introduction to the marketing function.
BUSN333Consumer Behavior 3 credits
The consumption process and the direct and indirect factors that influence the process will be examined. The relationship between consumer behavior and marketing strategy will also be considered. Prerequisite: BUSN330 - Principles of Marketing or consent of instructor.
BUSN350Principles of Finance 3 credits
The role of finance in organizations is introduced through study of principles and theories of acquisition, control, and allocation of financial resources. Prerequisites: ACCT207 - Accounting I and ACCT208 - Accounting II.
BUSN351Financial Institutions 3 credits
The course focuses on the structure, trends, and interrelationships of the monetary and banking systems, particularly commercial banks, savings and loans, thrifts, insurance companies, investment banking, mortgage companies, the secondary market, and the FED. Prerequisite: BUSN350 - Principles of Finance or consent of instructor.
BUSN352Investments 3 credits
Formation of investment policy for individuals and institutions, factors influencing the value of securities, and techniques of portfolio selection and management are presented. Prerequisite: BUSN350 - Principles of Finance or consent of instructor.
BUSN360Business Ethics 3 credits
This course is an introduction to ethics and its application to current issues in business, with a focus on ethical issues raised by globalization. We will look closely at the concept of moral responsibility and various theories of ethics. We will also examine selected contemporary ethical issues in business such as consumer rights, employee rights, ethics and the environment, deceptive advertising, affirmative action, international trade, and the behavior of multinational corporations.
BUSN370Legal Aspects of Business and Sport 3 credits
Identification and application of various legal principles and ethics to the sport industry. Different fields of law are introduced along with a survey of issues of concern to the sports manager such as antitrust, legal aspects of risk for various constituencies, labor, contractual relationships, and governance associations. Prerequisite: BUSN310 - Principles of Management or consent of instructor.
BUSN399Business Practicum 1 credit
Practical experience in professional development, networking and/or initiating, organizing, and completing a problem-solving consulting project for profit or non-profit organizations. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Repeatable.
BUSN410Leadership and Organizational Change 3 credits
Models of leadership and their effect on organizational strategy, structure, processes, decision-making, and change are presented. Organizational development and transformational approaches to managing change, and potential outcomes of planned organizational changes are also considered. Prerequisite: BUSN310 - Principles of Management or consent of instructor.
BUSN420Managing Human Resources 3 credits
This course provides an essential overview of human resource management and its relationship to strategic planning. The human resource functions of staffing, retention, development, adjustment, and managing in all types of organizations will be examined from a managerial perspective. Prerequisite: BUSN310 - Principles of Management or consent of instructor.
BUSN430Entertainment and Sport Marketing 3 credits
Application of fundamental marketing concepts of the sport industry. Specific topics covered include marketing research, event planning and execution, fundraising, sponsorships, advertising, and assessment. Prerequisite: BUSN330 - Principles of Marketing or consent of instructor.
BUSN431Integrated Marketing Communication 3 credits
Marketing communication and the coordination of separate promotion strategies used to create the desired image and provide consistency and maximum communication impact are explored. The course approaches integrated marketing communication from a managerial focus on the full range of promotional tools available in today's business environment. Prerequisite: BUSN330 - Principles of Marketing or consent of instructor.
BUSN440Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Focus is given to development, evaluation, and implementation of marketing strategies in complex organizational environments. Students are required to integrate a variety of marketing management concepts, theories, and analysis techniques through in-depth case study. Prerequisite: BUSN330 - Principles of Marketing or consent of instructor.
BUSN450Risk Management 3 credits
Survey of the effects of risk management and insurance on businesses and the relationship of risk and insurance to public policy, legal liability, and economic security. An introduction to insurance institutions and their structures is provided as well as decision making relative to risk management. Prerequisite: BUSN350 - Principles of Finance or consent of instructor.
BUSN460Advanced Finance 3 credits
Various tools for analysis of working capital management, capital budgeting, and financial management are used as the basis for an in-depth examination of financial management concepts and theories. Prerequisites: BUSN350 - Principles of Finance and BUSN352 - Investments or consent of instructor.
BUSN470Administrative Policy 3 credits
Business analysis, problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills are used to explore strategic decisions facing organizations. Emphasis is placed on team leadership, professional development, and managing self, peers, and supervisor. Intended as a capstone for majors or minors only.
BUSN471Sport Administration 3 credits
Application of fundamental management concepts of the sport industry. Topics covered include the nature and scope of the sport industry and socio-historical development. Critical decision areas such as strategy, human resources, marketing, finance, ethics, and risk management will be integrated through case study. Prerequisites: BUSN310 - Principles of Management or consent of instructor.
BUSN480Topics in Business 3 credits
Specialized business topics not covered in electives are presented. Topics may include, but are not limited to: business law, business ethics and stakeholder management, management theory, quality management, e-commerce. Prerequisites: At least two of the following: BUSN310 - Principles of Management, BUSN330 - Principles of Marketing, BUSN350 - Principles of Finance or consent of instructor.
BUSN499Business Internship 3 credits
Business-related field experience with an approved agency fulfilling an individual learning contract negotiated between student, faculty advisor, and worksite. Business majors only, by permission.

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