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Management Information Systems Courses

This is a listing of Management Information Systems (MISY) classes available at Bethany. These courses are included in the Information Systems Minor requirements. Not all courses are available every semester. Please contact the registrar with any questions.

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CodeCourse Title / Description
MISY300Software Applications 3 credits
Using intermediate and advanced features of Microsoft Excel to improve individual and organizational productivity is the focus. Macros, functions, scenario management, solver, special queries, pivot tables, multiple worksheets/3D cell referencing, and data tables are included in a hands-on approach to providing organizations with needed information.
MISY302MIS in the Organization 3 credits
Use of a systems approach in analyzing the role of information systems and how information technology (IT) is changing the role of the organization manager. Information systems and how they can be used to provide real business benefits will be analyzed. Organizational change as it relates to IT development will be explored.
MISY440Project Management 3 credits
Develops MIS skills needed to define, plan, lead, monitor, and complete IT projects for organizations. Emphasis will be on technical and communication skills needed to manage changes and problems associated with project management. Work breakdown structure, schedule, time estimate, network diagram, and contingency plans will be included in projects. This course combines theory, techniques, group activities, and computer tools to complete projects. Developing an MIS project for a "real" community organization will be encouraged to combine the classroom learning with community service.