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Art Education Major

Students who seek state licensure for K-12 Art Education will complete coursework for a major in both Studio Art and Art Education.  Students are required to have an academic advisor in both the Studio Art and Education Departments.  In addition to the general education requirements,  Art Education majors are required to take and earn at least a “C+” in the listed courses that are bolded as these courses contain embedded teaching standards.

Studio Art Coursework

  • ARTS105 Art History I: Prehistoric to the Gothic Period 3 cr.
  • ARTS106 Art History II: Renaissance to Realism 3 cr.
  • ARTS107 Art History III: Modernism 3 cr.
  • ARTS110 Drawing 3 cr.
  • ARTS202 3D-Foundation 3 cr.
  • ARTS290 Professional Practices Seminar 1 cr.
  • ARTS452 Contemporary Issues in Art 3 cr.
  • ARTS494 Portfolio / Senior Project 3 cr.
  • ARTS495 Senior Exhibition 2 cr.

Primary Area of Emphasis

The student is to choose one primary area of emphasis: 2-D or 3-D.


  • ARTS114 Painting I 3 cr.
  • ARTS116 Sculpture 3 cr.
  • ARTS211 Life Drawing I 3 cr.
  • ARTS312 Digital Illustration / Concept Art I 3 cr.
  • ARTS314 Painting III or ARTS324 Painting IV 3 cr.
  • GRDS230 Graphic Design I: Tools, Methodology, and Vocabulary 3 cr.


  • ARTS114 Painting I 3 cr.
  • ARTS116 Sculpture 3 cr.
  • ARTS216 Sculpture II 3 cr.
  • ARTS316 Sculpture III 3 cr.
  • GRDS230 Graphic Design I : Tools, Methodology, and Vocabulary 3 cr.
  • MART325 Stop Motion Animation 3 cr.

Education Coursework

All Education coursework must be passed with a “C”+ or better.

  • EDUC100 Education Foundation/Philosophy 3 cr. and Clinical
  • EDUC230 Educational Psychology and Human Relations 3 cr. and Clinical
  • EDUC315 Teaching Health and Human Performance 3 cr. and Clinical
  • EDUC370 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner 3 cr. and Clinical
  • EDUC390 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas 3 cr. and Clinical
  • EDUC401 Educational Technology and Media 2 cr.
  • EDUC426 Integrating the Fine Arts in Elementary Education 2 cr. and Clinical
  • EDUC451 Curriculum Planning and Assessment in Middle and Secondary Classrooms 2 cr.
  • EDUC456 Classroom Management 2 cr.
  • EDUC486 Capstone of Professional Experience 2 cr.
  • EDUC495 H Student Teaching I 12 cr.
  • EDUC497 H Student Teaching II 4 cr.

Important requirements of all students completing Minnesota Education licensure at Bethany Lutheran College:

  • Entry into the Education Program/Major:
  1. Successful completion of 16 credits of general education core courses including EDUC100 Introduction to Education.
  2. An application to the Education Major.
  3. Verification from academic advisor of a 2.75 GPA in the core education major classes
  4. Interview with a committee from the Education Department
  5. A positive clinical experience report from EDUC100
  • Maintain 2.75 GPA Complete all standards based courses with a “C+” or better
  • Pass the following Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams:
  1. MTLE: Pedagogy K-6
  2. MTLE: Social Studies content
  • Complete all courses required for Minnesota State Licensure
  1. Submit proof of a valid first aid/CPR/AED certification
  2. Satisfactory completion of Teaching Internships and Seminar
  3. Satisfactory completion of the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)
  4. Satisfactory completion of Professional Portfolio

Note: An appeals process is outlined in the Education Handbook. According to Minnesota Statute 122A.09 Subdivision 4(c), a  candidate who remains unsatisfied with a dispute regarding recommendation for licensure may appeal the decision to the Minnesota Board of Teaching. Bethany Lutheran College Education Programs are accredited by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB).