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Biochemistry Major

Tailored for students aspiring to work in medical, environmental, and the food science industries, the biochemistry program is often a stepping stone for those with dreams of medical school or pursuing graduate programs. Rooted in Christian ethics, Bethany’s approach embraces young earth creationism in biochemistry studies and explores the fascinating intersection of faith, science, and the complexities of biochemical processes.

Professors personally challenge and support students in developing a solid conceptual foundation in organic and inorganic chemistry, and also delve into the intricacies of biochemical knowledge and laboratory skills. Special attention is given to medicinal chemistry and pharmacology as it leads to outcomes of faith, health and wellness.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of foundational concepts in chemistry.
  2. Demonstrate the use of lab techniques and equipment to perform experiments.
  3. Demonstrate effective oral and written skills in the field of chemistry.
  4. Collect and evaluate information in chemical research literature.
  5. Exhibit knowledge of the basic structures, fundamental processes and relationships of life at the molecular and cellular levels.

Biochemistry Major

Please see the Program Requirements Disclaimer when planning your coursework.

Core Requirements

Following the ACS Guidelines for Undergraduate Professional Education, the following courses are required for the biochemistry major. Any chemistry or supporting course in which the student receives a grade of “C-“ or lower must be repeated.

Required Lower Division Courses:

Required Upper Division Courses:

Major Electives

Minimum of 6 credits from the following: 

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Biochemistry Faculty

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