Field Biology

Bethany has excellent opportunities in field biology for all interested students. Students majoring in Biology are especially encouraged to take advantage of these programs and excursions.

Two birdwatchers use binoculars to view and count hawks as part of Bethany's Hawkwatch

Bethany Hawkwatch

Bethany’s location overlooking the Minnesota River Valley affords excellent viewing opportunities for migrating birds. A total of 182 bird species have been recorded on campus

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A students releasing a Sharp-shinned Hawk outside

Bird Banding Trip

Bethany students visit Minnesota’s North Shore to band and release hawks. Bethany students visit the North Shore to band and release birds Chad Heins with

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student looking through telescope for birds

Bird Watching Trip

On occasion, Professor Chad Heins will take students from his course up to northern Minnesota in search of uncommon birds from the boreal forest and

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