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Chemistry Major

Embark on an academic journey as a Chemistry major at Bethany, where you’ll delve into the captivating realms of analytical, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry. This comprehensive chemistry program, guided by Christian principles, serves as a stepping stone for your aspirations for graduate programs or careers within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, or environmentalism. In Bethany’s state-of-the-art chemistry labs, you’ll not only unravel the mysteries of chemical reactions but also explore the profound connections between young earth creationism and the intricacies of the molecular world.

At Bethany, dedicated professors and students collaboratively engage in the pursuit of knowledge, examining the structure, composition, and properties of matter. As a Christian Chemistry major, students not only acquire technical expertise but also ponder the profound questions about the sustainability of life. The study of chemical phenomena, including the dynamic interplay of analytical, organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry, unveils God’s intentional design of creation, particularly evident on the molecular level of life processes. Join us in this transformative journey where your passion for Christian science meets the boundless possibilities of chemistry, a future enriched with purpose and discovery.

Chemistry Facilities

Housed in the Meyer Hall of Science and Mathematics, the chemistry department contains an extensive inventory of modern, state-of-the-art instrumentation (GC-MS, GC-FID, FT-IR, HPLC, UV/Vis, etc.) with which our students are able to reinforce theoretical studies of chemical phenomena with first-hand observations in the laboratory. The small size of classes and labs allows students to gain hands-on experience with advanced equipment much sooner than is typically possible at larger institutions.


A key feature of Bethany’s chemistry program is the opportunity to engage in active research with a faculty mentor. The undertaking of a research project serves to bring together the ideas introduced in many courses while developing practical skills needed to pursue a career in a research field. The research, which may be done over several semesters and summers, culminates in a formal report or seminar.


A graduate of the Bethany Chemistry program might pursue a career in the following areas:

  • Forensic Chemist
  • Biochemical Consultant
  • Chemical Technician
  • Crime Lab Analyst
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Occupational Safety Inspector
  • Pharmaceutical Specialist
  • Research and Development
  • Water Quality Analyst
  • Pharmacology
  • Medical Science Specialist

Chemistry Major Requirements

Following the ACS Guidelines for Undergraduate Professional Education in Chemistry, the following courses are required for the chemistry major. Any chemistry or supporting course requires a minimum grade of “C”.

Core Requirements

Required lower division courses: 

Required upper division courses: 

Major Electives

12 credits minimum 

The Chemistry minor will consist of a required foundation of three lower division chemistry courses and an additional three courses of advanced elective coursework. Any chemistry or supporting course requires a minimum grade of “C”.

Advanced electives – at least two of the following:

At least one of the following science (SCIE) courses:

To view the most recent course list and requirements for the Chemistry major, please consult the Academic Catalog.

Student Stories

Hear from these students of our Chemistry program:

Kelly Widhammer sitting by high-tech microscope
Kelly Widhammer

Kelly is a Biology major, also seeking minors in Chemistry and Business Administration. Her hometown is Oak Harbor, Washington. Tell

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Chemistry Faculty

For more information, see the Chemistry Department.

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