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Educational Studies Major

Mission Statement

The mission of the educational studies major is to provide an interdisciplinary, liberal arts-based foundation for students who are interested in the field of education and wish to gain some practical experience in teaching, but who do not wish to seek state licensure. Such a major could serve as the entry point for employment or for pursuing an advanced degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

The educational studies major will demonstrate the ability to: think critically and creatively, communicate clearly effectively plan, prepare, and execute lessons, work collaboratively and respond sensitively to the needs of others, develop professional behaviors including reliability and resourcefulness, appreciate the diversity of abilities and perspectives of learners in various contexts, use appropriate resources for research and problem solving, pursue continued cultural, intellectual, professional, and spiritual growth, integrate an ethical perspective, a sense of moral purpose, and an understanding of the Christian faith, and discover a vocational fit that matches the learner’s interests and God-given talents.

Entry into the Major

A student may enter the major at any time.

General Education Requirements

Students must complete Bethany’s Common Educational Core requirements to graduate, as well as a minimum of 42 upper division credits and 120 credits.

Core Requirements

Additional major requirements

A minimum of 9 credits of EDUC or SPED courses.

Capstone requirement

Students will research and present on an educational topic in line with future plans or area of interest. Students will also complete a successful 12-week internship in a setting aligned with potential future employment or area of interest.

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