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Global and Cross Cultural Studies Minor

The Global and Cross Cultural Studies Minor requires:

Core Introductory Courses – Choose one (3 credits)

Global Perspective – choose one (3 credits)

The Arts – Choose One (3 Credits)

Foreign Language (8 credits or placement/waiver):

  • One full year (two semesters –8 credits) of International Language for students with less than two years completed in high school. If two years of language were completed in high school, a placement test can be taken for correct course placement and potentially 4-8 credits waived, depending on placement. Students who have completed three years of language in high school will have the language requirement waived.

Cross-Cultural Comparisons (3 Credits)

World Religions – Choose One (3 Credits):

U.S. Diversity – Choose One (3 Credits):

Cross-Cultural Experience – Choose one (3 credits):

  • Study Abroad
  • International or domestic cross-cultural travel course
  • Guided internship in a cross-cultural setting