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Health Communication Major

Discover the dynamic and promising realm of Health Communication, an engaging and interdisciplinary field that merges social work, public health, social psychology, and healthcare administration. This field is not just critical but also multifaceted, requiring effectiveness across various contexts. From orchestrating public health campaigns to enhancing client-provider interactions, understanding cultural constructions of health and illness, and navigating the complexities of health systems management and healthcare operations, the opportunities are vast.

Aspiring professionals in Health Communication play pivotal roles in influencing health policy, advocating for patients, and providing leadership in medical management. This is an exciting journey where you become a bridge between diverse aspects of health, contributing to positive changes in individuals and communities alike. Embrace the challenge and potential of Health Communication, where your skills impact the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

The Bethany student body possesses a unique characteristic— an eagerness to serve. Imagine the chance to delve into a field that embraces biblical perspectives on wellbeing and integrates medical research with faith-driven healing communication. Students become familiar with Christian holistic healing, utilizing the principles of communication to address healthcare issues in diverse contexts, all with a service-oriented spirit.

Program Goal

Introduce the role of communication in creating healthy individuals and social structures.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Understand the role of communication in shaping health care messages and personal/public acceptance of these messages.
  2. Interpret the development and use of health related messages and media in a variety of contexts.
  3. Develop goals and strategies of health improvement as it relates to pathways in administration, public policy, public health campaign, health education, and/or health advocacy.
Core Requirements 

Required courses:

Health Communication Track (choose one)

For students interested in areas, but not limited to:

Health Care Administration and Public Policy Track

For students interested in areas, but not limited to:

Public Health Campaigns Track

For students interested in areas, but not limited to:

Counseling/Social Work Track

For students interested in areas, but not limited to:

Sociology and Public Service Track

To view the most recent course list and requirements for the Health Communications major, please consult the Academic Catalog.

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