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Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Mission Statement

The interdisciplinary studies major at Bethany Lutheran College provides students with a flexible program of study in the Christian liberal arts that explores rich and complex interactions between disciplines. Students learn to integrate knowledge across disparate fields of inquiry, communicate clearly and creatively, and practice ethical and moral discernment through the lens of Scripture. The goal is to help students employ knowledge and skills effectively within and through various vocations in love for God and in service to their neighbor. In short, the major aims to foster faith seeking understanding for service.

Program Learning Outcomes

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Bethany Lutheran College affirms the graduate is able to:

    1. Demonstrate critical integrative thinking by synthesizing the theories, methods, and analytical frameworks of multiple disciplinary emphases
    2. Practice applied learning by employing cross-disciplinary tools to interrogate enduring issues and answer complex questions
    3. Apply Biblical truth and ethical reasoning to difficult problems that span disciplinary boundaries
    4. Communicate clearly using oral and written forms for a variety of audiences, in diverse settings, and utilizing multiple media formats.


The Interdisciplinary Studies major is a new addition to the Bethany Lutheran College program offerings. It will replace the Liberal Arts major. This page will be expanded and updated as information is finalized.