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Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Embrace a holistic Christian higher education through Bethany’s Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Major. Infuse your education with purpose by choosing practical coursework around a central theme or selecting an integrative exploration in classical education studies.

Craft your learning journey by designing a personalized curriculum, an “Interdisciplinary Pathway,” that reflects a Biblical framework for a liberal arts education. This interdisciplinary Christian approach empowers you to integrate knowledge across fields while embodying a Christian ethos, seeking Biblical wisdom in integrative studies and embarking on varied studies across the liberal arts. Practice ethical and moral discernment through the lens of Scripture and explore various vocations in love for Christ and in service to your neighbor.

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In this major, you’ll master the ability to analyze resources and think critically, engage in purposeful creativity, solve complex problems, wield strong rhetorical skills, and collaborate with a diverse team. Such skills are highly valued by employers and open doors to numerous careers.

With an IDS major, you’re poised for graduate studies in fields like law, theology, or education. You’ll find your expertise sought after in communication, public service, non-profit work, public affairs, management, and beyond. Graduates stand out in various business and industries, equipped to adapt in diverse work environments.

Join us in this journey of faith seeking understanding for service, where a Holistic Christian education shapes you into a capable, adaptable, and purpose-driven professional.

a male student talks and gestures with his hands during a classroom discussion

Program Learning Outcomes

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Bethany Lutheran College affirms the graduate is able to:

    1. Demonstrate critical integrative thinking by synthesizing the theories, methods, and analytical frameworks of multiple disciplinary emphases
    2. Practice applied learning by employing cross-disciplinary tools to interrogate enduring issues and answer complex questions
    3. Apply Biblical truth and ethical reasoning to difficult problems that span disciplinary boundaries
    4. Communicate clearly using oral and written forms for a variety of audiences, in diverse settings, and utilizing multiple media formats.

Entry into the Major

The independent character of the Interdisciplinary Studies major requires careful planning, focus, motivation, and reflection. Interested students must first take INST201: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, which serves as an orientation to the
program, as well as the context in which students define their course of study, known as an “Interdisciplinary Pathway.” In preparing and proposing an Interdisciplinary Pathway, students lay out their rationale and goals, precise courses to be taken, and potential interdisciplinary capstone projects to culminate their course of study.  Additionally, the following qualifications are
necessary for acceptance into the major.

  • An overall GPA of 3.0
  • A grade of “B” or above in INST201 Introduction to InterdisciplinaryStudies
  • Formal approval of an “Interdisciplinary Pathway” by the program coordinator and at least one faculty member in each
    discipline of emphasis

Core Requirements

A major in Interdisciplinary Studies requires the completion of 37 credits, beginning with a 1-credit foundational seminar (INST201), continuing with 30 upper-division credits with a focus in at least two, and at most three, different disciplines, and culminating in a 6-credit capstone experience. Interdisciplinary Studies majors must maintain a 2.5 average GPA (C+) in courses chosen for their “Interdisciplinary Pathway.” No more than 6 credits may be used to fulfill program requirements simultaneously
in an additional major, minor, or certificate program.

Major Requirements

  • Foundational Seminar (1 credit): INST201 Introduction to InterdisciplinaryStudies (offered only in fall semester)
  • Select one of the following Interdisciplinary Pathways (30 credits):
    • Pathway A: Select a minimum of 12 upper-division credits from each of any two disciplines
    • Pathway B: Select a minimum of 9 upper-division credits from each of any three disciplines
  • Any remaining upper-division credits may be taken from any discipline that complements the student’s Interdisciplinary Pathway.
  • Select one of the following Capstone Options (6 credits):
  • Additionally, all students must complete a 0 credit (P/F) INST498: Portfolio and Showcase (in
    final semester)

To view the most recent requirements for the Interdisciplinary Studies major, please consult the Academic Catalog.

Next Steps

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