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Media Arts Major

The media arts department is a place where filmmakers, artists, designers, writers, and composers come together to make things.

Our location in southern Minnesota gives us a unique perspective marked by grit, resourcefulness, and versatility. Our graduates are finding work and fulfillment in a variety of media-related fields.

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Media Arts Faculty

These faculty members teach many of the courses that comprise the Media Arts major. See also the Media Art Department.

Media Arts Major Academic Requirements


True creativity begins with knowledge. The media arts major is therefore a synthesis of the communication, studio art, and liberal arts curricula that gives rise to an intellectually creative skill set that moves far beyond the merely technical. The media arts major seeks to provide students with the conceptual and technical tools necessary to succeed in a variety of creative media industries. In this way our graduates will be enabled to participate in and thereby influence the shaping of American culture. With this firmly in mind, our students are challenged to discover ways in which they might bring a Christian sensibility to all that they undertake.

Program Learning Outcomes

The media arts major seeks to produce graduates who:

  • Can demonstrate proficiency with an appropriate variety of media and technologies.
  • Can demonstrate familiarity with the theoretical and historical underpinnings of their chosen field of study.
  • Can demonstrate the ability to approach visual communication challenges with creativity and insight, producing work that is consistently original and meaningful.
  • Can demonstrate effective and professional written, verbal, and visual communication skills.
  • Can demonstrate the ability to work effectively with others.

Acceptance into the Major

Each student is required to formally apply for admittance into the media arts major. This is typically done during the spring semester of the sophomore year. It is imperative that all prospective media arts majors partner with an advisor from the Media Arts Department.

A Media Arts Application Form may be obtained from any media arts faculty or downloaded from the media arts section of the college website. In order to gain admittance to, and to graduate with, the media arts major, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all pre-major and major coursework (see below).

Junior Review

At the end of the junior year, the transcript of each student will be examined by their advisor to ensure adequate progress is being made toward degree completion. At this point, admittance to the major may be rescinded.

Pre-Major Requirements

Studio Foundations (choose one):

Production Foundations (choose one):

Additional required courses:

Historical Perspective (choose two):

Theoretical and Critical Analysis (9 credits)

Capstone/Senior Project (two courses):

Area of Emphasis

Choose between Motion Graphics and Animation or Video Arts and Broadcasting

Motion Graphics and Animation

Both of:

Three of:

Video Arts and Broadcasting

One course:

Four of:

Optional Internship

Optional Coursework

Additional curricular suggestions and electives for the media arts student:

Next Steps

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