A tennis player prepares to hit an incoming ball.

Physical Education Major

Students who seek state licensure for K-12 Physical Education will complete coursework for a major in both Exercise Science and Physical Education. Students are required to have an academic advisor in both the Exercise Science and Education Departments. In addition to the general education requirements, Physical Education majors are required to take and earn at least a “C+” in courses listed as these courses contain embedded teaching standards.

Exercise Science Coursework

Education Coursework

All Education coursework must be passed with a C+ or better.

Minnesota Elementary Education licensure

Important requirements of all students completing Minnesota Elementary Education licensure at Bethany Lutheran College:

Entry into the Education Program/Major:

  1. Successful completion of 12 credits of general education core courses including EDUC100
  2. An application to the education major
  3. Verification from academic advisor of a 2.75 GPA in the core education major classes
  4. Interview with a committee from the Education Department
  5. A positive clinical experience report from EDUC100

Maintain 2.75 GPA Complete all standards based courses with a “C+” or better

Pass the following Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exams:

  1. MTLE: Pedagogy K-6
  2. MTLE: Physical Education content

Complete all courses required for Minnesota State Licensure

  1. Submit proof of a valid first aid/CPR/AED certification
  2. Satisfactory completion of Teaching Internships and Seminar
  3. Satisfactory completion of the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)
  4. Satisfactory completion of Professional Portfolio

Note: An appeals process is outlined in the Education Handbook. According to Minnesota Statute 122A.09 Subdivision 4(c), a candidate who remains unsatisfied with a dispute regarding recommendation for licensure may appeal the decision to the Minnesota Board of Teaching. Bethany Lutheran College Education Programs are accredited by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB).