Legal studies students carry out a mock trial in a courtroom.


Students interested in becoming an attorney, paralegal, or legal assistant may supplement a major of their choosing with law-related courses from across the curriculum; however, Bethany now offers a Legal Studies major and minor that will directly prepare students for the law school entrance exam and for law school itself. Law schools do not require any particular major or minor, but the legal studies curriculum has been designed to specifically prepare students for professional careers in law. Bethany’s pre-law and legal studies students not only develop skills in analytical reading, critical thinking, and persuasive communication, but also learn to apply biblical wisdom to the ethical challenges of contemporary legal practice.

Within a given major there are courses that are recommended for their ability to provide pre-law students with an opportunity to sample the kinds of issues they’ll encounter in the legal profession or with training in the kinds of skills they’ll need to succeed in law school.

Many of these recommended courses fulfill general education requirements, making them fit easily within any major the student selects. Students interested in pre-law should consult the pre-law advisor early in their career to plan out a course of study.

Recommended courses: