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Spanish Major

Mission Statement

The ever-changing demographics of today’s world demand that college graduates be culturally literate and linguistically versatile. The Spanish major is a way for the traditional Bethany student to obtain an intimate knowledge of Hispanic cultures and traditions outside of his or her local experience here on campus. Linguistic and cultural competencies are developed through a curriculum that is both modern and rigorous. As a major, Spanish compliments many current majors on campus to increase our graduates’ marketability and job opportunities.


The Spanish Department recognizes that language and communication are gifts from God and is committed to teaching students to use those gifts to His glory and to the welfare of others. To that end, the Spanish Department is committed to students’ acquisition of the Spanish language and an appreciation for cultures and traditions outside of their local experience. The Spanish Department designs and selects its course content around the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. The department also recognizes and develops lesson plans around the 5 C’s of foreign language learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.

Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Students will communicate in Spanish both written and spoken at the level appropriate for advanced students.
  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of both spoken and written Spanish in a variety of forms at the level appropriate for advanced students.
  3. Students will have a familiarity with major literary works of Spanish, both Latin American and Spanish, spanning from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.
  4. Students will demonstrate cultural literacy by a general understanding of both pre and post-colonial Latin American cultures.
  5. Students will track the spread of God’s Word through the Spanish language from Paul to present day.

Student Stories

Core Requirements

Required lower division courses:

Required upper division courses:

Collateral Requirement

In addition to the core courses, the following collateral course is required:

Capstone Requirement

In addition to the core courses, the following capstone course is required:

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Next Steps

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