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Theatre Major

As a Bethany theatre major, you will choose an emphasis in production or performance. In theatre production you will focus on sound and lighting design, set design and construction, stage management, and directing. In theatre performance, you will study theatre history, read and discuss literature, and focus on the art of acting.

Multiple trips to the Twin Cities’ Ordway and Guthrie Theater complement classroom learning, and four annual theatre productions on the Bethany stage provide a chance for you to demonstrate your abilities both on and off stage. In addition to creative development, our theatre department is distinctive in encouraging Christian theatre artists who understand the influence of performance and make ethical decisions

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Theatre Faculty

These faculty members teach many of the courses that comprise the theatre major, as well as directing or assisting with theatrical performances.


Acting scholarships and Technical Theatre scholarships are available. Students are encouraged to audition and/or apply. See the Scholarships page or contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Senior Theatre Projects and Internships

Theatre students have the option of producing a senior project that allows them to integrate what they have learned about the various facets of theatre arts. These students also have the option of participating in an internship. The internship option gives students real-world exposure and perspective to prepare them for their professional lives.

Skills and Potential Careers

An education in theatre is imbued with a myriad of employable skills like:

  • Management
  • Elocution / Public speaking
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Design
  • Creativity
  • Idea Generation / Implementation
  • Product Development
  • Construction

With these skills our theatre graduates have found careers as:

  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Stage Managers
  • Theatre Managers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Sound Designers
  • Scenic Designers
  • Costume Designers
  • Broadcasters
  • Critics
  • Lawyers
  • Historians
  • Visual Artists
  • Church Workers / Clergy
  • Business People / Managers
  • Interior Designers
  • Advertisers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Educators
  • Architects
  • Financiers

Theatre Major Academic Requirements

Mission Statement

The Bethany Lutheran College Theatre Department strives to nurture and support the development of exemplary and well-rounded theatre artists who are able to employ their creative and academic gifts with wisdom, discernment, and an understanding of art’s potential as a gift of God. A distinctively personal, Christ-centered approach to instruction in the theatre arts is the foundation of the department’s existence. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge academically, philosophically, and creatively, through classroom engagements, theatrical productions, and other specialized projects.

Program Learning Outcomes

The Bethany Lutheran College Theatre department strives to instruct and encourage ethical Christian artists within the Theatre Arts. The Theatre Major aims to produce graduates who:

  1. demonstrate a working knowledge and a creative proficiency of the production elements and processes within: design, direction, construction, management, dramaturgy and performance, through original thought and innovation.
  2. will be able to employ a variety of critical approaches to history, literature, theory, and the social significance of theatre art.
  3. recognize the power and influence of performance, and make ethical, thoughtful, and critical choices consistent with Biblical Christian principles.
  4. will be able to effectively employ research and bibliographic materials appropriate to the discipline.

The Bethany theatre major, in accordance with the liberal arts philosophy, approaches this discipline from a broad based perspective. Within the major guidelines a student may choose an emphasis in theatre production or performance.

Core Requirements

Required lower division courses (15 credits required):
Choose one additional Performance Emphasis course (3 credits required):

Additional credits beyond 3 may be applied to Major Electives

Choose two additional Design Emphasis courses (6 credits required):

Additional credits beyond 6 may be applied to Major Electives

Choose one additional Advanced Creative Emphasis course (3 credits required):

Additional credits beyond 3 may be applied to Major Electives

Required upper division courses (21 credits required):
Major Electives

Choose at least three of the following (minimum of 9 credits):

Any additional performance, design, or advanced production emphasis not completed for core requirements (3-9 credits)

The minor in theatre requires the following:

Two of the following (6 credits):

     One of the following Theatre History course (3 credits required):

Choose one additional Design Emphasis course (3 credits required):

Additional credits beyond 6 may be applied to Major Electives

Choose two of the following electives:

To view the most recent course list and requirements for the Theatre major, please consult the Academic Catalog.

Next Steps

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