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GPA Information

Credit Hours

College work is measured in credit hours. The value of each course given at the college level is expressed in semester credits. To earn one semester credit, a student is required to attend one 50-minute period of classwork, or one laboratory period per week throughout a given semester. A semester is a school term of 16 weeks.

Grades and Grade Point Averages

A grade report is issued to each student at midterm and at the end of each semester. Only the final semester grade is recorded on the student’s permanent record. The midterm grades are progress indicators and provide an opportunity for the instructor and advisor to counsel with students and suggest ways of improving their academic performance.

Scholastic standing is expressed in terms of letter grades. The following system of grades and honor points is used:


  • 4.00 Honor Points – A
  • 3.67 – A-


  • 3.33 – B+
  • 3.00 – B
  • 2.67 – B-


  • 2.33 – C+
  • 2.00 – C
  • 1.67 – C-

Below Average

  • 1.33 – D+
  • 1.00 – D
  • 0.67 – D-

No Honor Points

  • 0.00 – F – Failing
  • 0.00 – I – Incomplete
  • 0.00 – credits – Credit
  • 0.00 – NC – No Credit

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is determined by adding all grade points and dividing by the sum of all credits attempted. All academic work, with the exception of one-credit courses, is used to determine the grade point average.

GPA Calculation Example

If a student receives …

  • an A in a four-credit course: 16 grade honor points
  • a B in a two-credit course: 6 grade honor points
  • a C– in a three-credit course: 5 grade honor points

… the GPA is calculated as:

  • total honor points: 27
  • total credits: 9
  • Grade point average: 27 ÷ 9 = 3.0

Please contact the Registrar with questions about credit hours, grades, and grade point averages.