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Transcript Request

Continuing your education? Is your employer looking for academic verification? Request a transcript of your academic record at BLC!

Bethany Lutheran College is proud to offer official Bethany transcripts online with fast & easy delivery for a fee of $5. Mailed paper transcripts continue to be free. Complete either the Online or Paper transcript request form below to request a transcript be sent to an academic institution, place of employment, or wherever an academic transcript is needed. If your account with the Business Office is not in good standing, your transcript request cannot be honored.

Please contact the registrar with any questions.

College of Visual Arts

Bethany Lutheran College is the records holder for College of Visual Arts. Transcripts for CVA are not available electronically. Request your transcript using the PAPER transcript request form and indicate that you attended CVA. This is a two step-process, once the transcript request has been received the Registrar’s office will contact you for the second step.

Online BLC Transcripts

There is a $5 fee for online transcripts. See below for the free paper transcript option.

Legacy Transcript: Any transcript before the year 2000 may not be available for a E-Transcript. Please check with the registrar first or use the free form embedded below. Thank you!

What are the benefits of an electronic transcript?

  • Fast & easy delivery in about 1 business day!
  • Track your transcript!
  • No more snail mail!

via National Student Clearinghouse.

Check your email once completed for further instructions. Please click on the link and a new tab or window will open up for you fill in the prompted questions.

Paper BLC & CVA Transcripts

There is no fee to have a Bethany Lutheran College academic transcript mailed. Requests will be processed within 2 business days and delivered via USPS. Please allow a total of 5-7 business days for the transcript to arrive at the destination. If you need faster delivery, please use the Online Transcripts option instead.