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Disability Services

Bethany Lutheran College is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

Reasonable accommodations are determined after consultation with the student and a thorough review of the student’s documentation. Implementation of accommodations requires both the student and the Director of Academic Resources to take an active role in collaborating with faculty and staff across campus.


Eligibility Determination

Students must provide the Student Support Services with appropriate disability documentation. Student Support Services will review the documentation and determine if the student qualifies for an Academic Resource Plan (ARP). Student Support Services will work with the student to create their ARP. It is the responsibility of the student to share his/her ARP with each of their instructors so appropriate accommodations can be implemented in a timely manner. Please contact or visit us to begin the accommodation process.

Disability documentation submitted to Academic Resources must clearly establish that “Substantially limits” means being unable to perform or has significant restrictions to a major life activity, in comparison to the average person. A “major life activity” is defined as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working, eating, etc. In an academic setting, the disability must substantially limit a student’s ability to participate equally in activities associated with learning and/or demonstration of specific skills or knowledge. To verify a disability and facilitate the provision of appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities, disability documentation information should include:

  • A diagnosis by a licensed professional qualified to determine the specific diagnosis. Use of diagnostic terminology indicating a disability by someone whose training and experience is not in these fields is not acceptable.
  • Documentation must be current (within three years or more recent if the effects of the disability and/or medication treatments are variable.)
  • Documentation must clearly identify the substantial impact of the disability on a major life activity (i.e. learning) and the individual’s functional limitations.
  • Documentation must include a listing of all formal and informal tests/procedures administered and the specific results of those tests. (Include standard scores, quotients and percentiles, if available, for each test administered; clinical observations/interview; rating scale results, etc.)

Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Assistive Technology Training
  • Supplemental Instruction – Peer tutors and study groups
  • Readers – for test taking, short readings and course handouts.
  • Scribes – to write/type from oral dictation for in-class essays and taking exams.
  • Note taking – to provide notes taken during class lectures and discussions.
  • Assistance in locating course materials in alternative formats
  • Test Accommodations
  • Orientation Tours
  • Other Accommodations – that may arise on an individual basis.

Testing Accommodations

Bethany Lutheran College supports students with disabilities with reasonable testing accommodations when the disability documentation supports the requests. Types of accommodations may include adaptive computer testing, specialized equipment or software, readers, scribes, alternate test format, additional test time, and/or a different setting with reduced distractions. Testing accommodations apply to all course related tests and quizzes (both scheduled and unannounced) placement tests, and standardized tests. Accommodating test-takers with disabilities is a shared responsibility among the faculty, students and Academic Resources. Academic Resources is responsible for determining eligibility for accommodations and making recommendations to faculty and the students regarding appropriate assessment processes. Faculty members are responsibility for working with the student to provide reasonable accommodations for the assessment. The student is responsible for making timely notice and following established procedures for testing. Click here for testing reservations.