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Common Financial Aid Questions

When will I receive my 1098T tax form? 

If you attended Bethany during the last year, the Business Office will send you a form 1098T near the end of January. This document provides some of the information to be used when determining if you can take any available education tax credits and deductions. You may contact the Business Office for specific questions or clarification of information provided on the forms, but Bethany cannot provide legal or tax advice. 

Who qualifies for financial assistance?

At Bethany Lutheran College, over 99% of students are eligible for need-based assistance or merit-based scholarships.

How much financial assistance is available to me personally?

Bethany’s average annual net price is $17,700 , after gift aid is subtracted. Loans and work-study options may also be available. To get a personalized estimate of your cost to attend Bethany Lutheran College, try our Net Price Calculator.

How do I receive payment of financial aid funds?

One-half of your financial aid funds are disbursed to your account electronically each semester.  You will receive the continuing semester award if you have fulfilled the conditions upon which the award was based.

How do I apply for financial assistance for future years?

Since financial assistance is calculated on an annual basis, you are responsible for completing a new or renewal FAFSA every year. The priority deadline for financial aid applications is April 15. Institutional need-based aid may be reduced for applications received after this date.

If I receive an outside scholarship, will I lose some of my aid?

Bethany Lutheran College’s policy regarding outside scholarships is to reduce a student’s work-study eligibility or federal loan, but it will generally not reduce the availability of grants or scholarships. This is done both to encourage the search for outside scholarships and to reduce borrowing or time commitments due to student employment.

How do I determine if I can claim independent status?

The Financial Aid Office is required to adhere to the standard criteria defined by the United States Department of Education when determining independent student status.  Your dependency status is not determined by who claims you on a Federal Tax Return, rather it is determined by the questions answered when completing the FAFSA.

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