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For many students, scholarships and grants make up only part of their total financial aid package. Education loans are very useful in helping with college costs, but we encourage students to borrow only what they need and what they can afford to repay.

After applying for aid, you will receive a financial aid package, which will detail what types of loans you may be eligible for and how much you may need to borrow.

There are different types of loans for which you may be eligible, each with their own advantages and limitations as outlined below. Student loan promissory notes and disclosure statements should be kept in a safe place until all loans are paid in full.

Bethany Lutheran College will not charge any fees of any kind to student or parent borrowers for origination activities or the provision of any information necessary for a student or parent to receive a loan.

If you have questions about loans or other financial aid, please contact Joni Wiederhoeft (Assistant to Director) and Jeff Younge (Director, Adjunct Faculty).