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Payment Plans

Changes in Fees and Schedules

The College attempts to maintain all published charges throughout the academic year but reserves the right to adjust and change procedures should unforeseen conditions make it necessary.

Payment of Fees

All expenses and fees must be paid in full by August 10 for fall semester and January 10 for spring semester and June 10 for the summer semester. The College will mail fall semester fee statements by July 15, spring semester fee statements by December 5 and summer semester statements by April 10. If you cannot pay the statement in full by the due date, you must file a payment plan with the College by August 1 for fall semester, January 1 for spring semester, and June 1 for summer semester.

These statements will include credits for financial aid if completed (except work-study, which is paid directly to the student) and the tuition deposit. Failure to pay the statement in full or file a payment plan with Bethany by the stated deadlines, will cause termination of classes, residence hall, and food service privileges.

Questions about payment plans? Contact the Business Office.

For information on reducing the cost of college, see our Financial Aid pages.

Payment Options

Bethany realizes that individual student circumstances may not allow for the full semester payment by the due date. Bethany will accept a monthly payment plan that allows the student and/or their parent(s) to pay one third of the remaining balance over a three-month period from August to October and from January through March.

The student and/or parent(s) will authorize Bethany Lutheran College to deduct one third of the student’s remaining balance and other educational costs each month from a checking/savings account, a debit card and/or a credit card. The student/parent understands the payment deductions will occur on the 10th of each month. If the 10th falls on a weekend, the deduction will be made on the next business day. The processing fee for the monthly payment plan is $25 per semester (non-refundable).

If financial aid packaging cannot be completed prior to the due date, due to tax filing or other issues, a minimum cash payment in the amount of $4,000 is required by August 10 or January 10. A subsequent payment of $4,000 will need to be made by September 10 or February 10, if financial aid package is still incomplete. If your financial aid package is not completed by October 10th or March 10th, Bethany will terminate all classes, residence hall, and food service privileges, unless the remaining balance is paid in full.

Overdue Payments

A student that fails to make payments according to the payment plan is in breach of contract and will be assessed finance charges of 1% per month on the outstanding balance. Bethany reserves the right to terminate all classes, residence hall, and food service privileges, unless the remaining balance is paid in full.

Refund Policy

A student who wants to withdraw from college must follow Bethany’s withdrawal procedures outlined by the Registrar’s Office. After the withdrawal form is completed, and a withdrawal date is determined, the Business Office will calculate a refund for a percentage of the costs paid less any financial aid amount returned to the government or Bethany Lutheran College.

The following tables show the amount that may be refunded:

Tuition/Fees/Room Refund

Prior to the 1st day of classes = 100%
Week 1 = 100%
Week 2 = 75%
Week 3 = 65%
Week 4 = 50%
After the 4th week = 0%

Summer Semester Refund

Day 1 = 100%
Day 2 = 80%
Day 3 = 70%
Day 4 = 60%
Day 5 = 50%
After the 5th day = 0%

Board – Prorated according to percentage of term attended. (Number of weeks attended divided by 17 = percentage)

It is recommended that a student seeks counsel from the financial aid office before making the decision to withdraw early. The College is required to return federal/state aid to the government in accordance with regulations, which may affect the final account balance for which a student is responsible. If financial aid is returned, the student will be responsible to pay the difference to the College.

Outstanding Balance/Transcript Hold

The College will withhold transcripts and all official college documents until a student’s account has been paid in full or in compliance with Minnesota State Statue 136A – Section 44 Subd. 4 as listed below.

  1. the debt owed is less than $250;
  2. the student has entered into and, as determined by the institution, is in compliance with a payment plan with the school;
  3. the transcript request is made by a prospective employer for the student; or
  4.  the school has sent the debt for repayment to the Department of Revenue or to a collection agency, as defined in section 332.31, subdivision 3, external to the institution.

Payment Plan Form

You will need to download and print the form below when setting up your payment plan at Bethany. If your web browser doesn’t allow on-screen data entry for this form, please open the file with Adobe Reader or other .PDF reader software, or print and fill out by hand.