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Tuition and Fees

Bethany Lutheran College is committed to making quality higher education affordable. Bethany is a non-profit institution, and generous gifts from our alumni and friends mean that less of the cost of education is borne by students and their families.

Total Direct Annual Cost – 2024-2025

Less financial aidvaries
Average net cost after financial aid
75 %
of students receive grants or scholarships

Nearly all Bethany students receive some level of financial aid. The types and amounts of financial aid for which you may be eligible depend on your financial situation, academic standing, and extracurricular interests.

Bethany’s average annual net price is $17,700 . View your personalized financial aid estimate with our Net Price Calculator.

Detailed Expenses and Fees Per Semester, 2024-2025


  • Full-time tuition, for students taking 12-17 credits: $15,285.
  • Full-time overload tuition, for each course above 17 credits: $430 per credit hour.
  • Part-time tuition, for students taking under 12 credits, $1,290 per credit hour.
  • Summer tuition, for students taking summer term courses: $410 per credit hour.
  • Tuition deposit, due 30 days after a student is offered admission to the college and is applied to the student’s first semester tuition payment: $300.
  • High School Dual Credit Courses: Tuition varies.
  • Senior citizen tuition, for persons age 55 and over. Senior citizens may audit a class at BLC, if room is available, and will be recorded as a BLC student. Cost is $100 per class and includes parking and registration fee, but does not include class fees, books or other required supplies.

Residential Student Fees Per Semester

Standard Room with Unlimited Meal Plan in Anderson, Gullixson, and Teigen Halls: $4,310
The Unlimited Meal Plan gives students continuous access to the Dining Center during the hours of operation. All resident students, who live in a standard room, are on this plan.

Apartment with 5-Meal Plan: Edgewood Place: $3,520 | Gullixson Hall: $3,320 | Larson Hall: $3,320
The 5-Meal Plan gives students five meals per week, approximately 88 meals per semester. This plan (or an upgraded plan) is required for students living in on-campus apartments.

Room deposit, assessed to residential students their first semester to cover the cost of damages to college property, unreturned library books, etc.: $100. The remaining balance of deposit is refunded to the student. The deposit does not earn interest.

Learn more about our residence halls.


  • Private Rooms (when available): Additional $550, unless medically necessary
  • Unlimited Meal Plan for Apartment Residents: Additional $1,540

General Fees and Costs

  • Student Fee, which covers Student Senate campus activities, fine arts and sporting events, health services, counseling services, student publications (other than yearbooks), student lounge use, and computer lab use: $395.
  • Textbooks and course materials: cost varies. Most courses require a textbook but do not have additional required materials or fees.
  • Music Lesson Fee, for individual 30-minute weekly lessons for instrumental, organ, piano and voice: $450. Subject to availability on consultation with the music department.
  • Parking Permit Annual Fee, $160 for residential students or $80 for non-resident students. Required to park a single vehicle on campus. This fee cannot be charged to the student’s account and must be paid at the Business Office. See Campus Parking Guide for more information.


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Budgeted or Estimated Cost of Attendance

Bethany Lutheran College uses a budgeted cost of attendance (COA) to calculate a student’s financial aid eligibility. It includes both Direct costs, actual charges billed by BLC, and Indirect costs, an estimate of costs that you may incur during the year. The budgeted COA is an estimate of what an average student can expect to pay for their education related expenses each year. Students will want to include both Direct and Indirect Costs in their personal budget.

The total amount of financial aid offered to a student, including all grants and scholarships, cannot exceed the budgeted COA.

2024-2025 Budgeted Cost of Attendance (COA)

Expense CategoryLiving On CampusLiving Off CampusLiving with Parent
For students taking 12-17 credits per semester.
Billed by BLC.
Billed by BLC.
Housing & Food
Billed by BLC for students living on-campus.
Amount will differ for a student living in an on-campus apartment. See previous sections for more information.
Off-campus students and students living with parents should use this amount as an estimate.
Books & Supplies
This is an estimate and is NOT billed by BLC.
Miscellaneous Personal Expenses
This is an estimate and is NOT billed by BLC.
This is an estimate and is NOT billed by BLC.
Total Budgeted / Estimated Cost of Attendance$43,080$43,080$38,940