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Dining Center and Meal Plans

When it comes to food, we realize that variety, quality, quantity and nutrition are important to today’s college student. To meet these culinary needs, Bethany contracts its dining services with the nationally-recognized Sodexo.

Dining Center

The Dining Center, located in Old Main, is a buffet-style establishment that provides a wide selection of meal options including: a made-to-order grill, rotisserie station, a main buffet line with daily features, a salad bar, cereal bar, sandwich bar, pizza and soup stations, and multiple beverage dispensers. The predominant meal plan available to students grants unlimited daily access to the Dining Center.  Students have access to the Dining Center through a variety of meal plan options (see Meal Plans below).


During the academic year, you may view the current menu online here.

Meal Times

The Dining Center is open and has food available every weekday, from 7 a.m.– 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Late night food is available through a mobile ordering app and can be picked up to-go from 7:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

The Dining Center is open during modified hours on weekends.

Traditional meal times include expansive menu selections, while lighter menu items continue to be available between meals and during late night.

Times when the dining schedule is modified (such as immediately prior to breaks, over three-day weekends, or other special events) will be published in advance so that students are aware of the schedule change. The first meal after any vacation will be served on the evening before classes begin.

More information about Dining Services and related policy can be found on this page and the Campus Life section of the Student Guidebook.

Meal Plans

To best meet students’ needs, Bethany’s Dining Services is committed to offering quality meals that satisfy a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements.

Eligible students may opt for a different meal plan up through the tenth day of classes each semester. Email Residential Life if you wish to make changes to your meal plan.

Students MUST bring their Bethany Student ID card (or a valid temporary ID) to all meals.

This plan gives students unlimited access to the Dining Center, meaning a student on this plan may enter and leave as many times as they desire during the hours of operation. All resident students, who live in a standard room, are on this plan. It is also available to students in on-campus apartments and non-resident students.

This plan gives students five meals per week, approximately 88 meals per semester. This plan (or an upgraded plan) is required for students who live in on-campus apartments. It is also available to non-resident students. This plan is not available to resident students who live in a standard room.

Dining Dollar Account for Non-Resident Students

Dining dollar accounts are a way for non-resident students to pay for individual meals without using cash for each visit. Students carry a Dining Dollar balance on their ID card; at each meal taken, the cost of the meal is deducted from the balance. Dining Dollars are purchased directly from the food service cashier or online here. With Dining Dollars are purchased in an amount between $1 and $99 in a single transaction, a 10% credit will be given, or if the purchase of Dining Dollars is greater than $100 in a single transaction, a 20% bonus credit will be given. For example, a $30 purchase would add a $3 bonus credit for a total of $33 Dining Dollars to the student’s account.

Unused Dining Dollars

Unused Dining Dollars will roll over from semester to semester and year to year. Dining Dollars are only forfeited when students are no longer enrolled at Bethany Lutheran College and are at that time, non-refundable. The Dining Dollar account option is not available for resident students. (updated 12/22)

Individual Meal Costs

Individuals not on a meal plan, including guests and visitors, may purchase meals in the Dining Center at the following rates (as of August 2024):

  • Breakfast: $6.97 (plus tax)
  • Lunch / Sat. Brunch / Late Night: $8.04 (plus tax)
  • Sunday Brunch: $8.34 (plus tax)
  • Dinner: $8.57 (plus tax)
  • Steak / Gourmet Dinner: $9.64 (plus tax)


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