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Student Jobs

Many Bethany students have the opportunity to work on campus while enrolled in classes. Looking for a non-student job at Bethany? Check out our Bethany Jobs page.

Students who have been awarded work-study financial aid are given priority for student employment and may apply for open jobs beginning Monday of opening week. Students who have not been awarded work-study financial aid may apply for any of the remaining open jobs beginning the third week of classes. Contact the Financial Aid office to verify your work-study eligibility.

Find a Student Job

First, read about the job application process and job eligibility below. Then, find a list of available jobs at the bottom of this page.

Application Instructions

First-time Employees

Before starting your first student employment position at Bethany Lutheran College, your I-9 form and W-4 form must be completed in person at the Student Employment Information Session. Check the Opening Week schedule for date, time, and location of the session. Students who are not able to attend the information session (including those starting in the spring semester) are asked to contact the Human Resources office before they begin applying for student jobs.

No student is allowed to work until they have presented all of the required forms and identification documents in person. An I-9 form and original forms of identification must be presented in person. You can download the full I-9 form and instructions from A list of acceptable identification documents can be found on the last page of the form. (Note that if you do not choose to use documentation under List A you will need to provide a form of documentation from both List B and List C.) Photocopies, scanned copies, or faxes of any documentation are not allowed; only original documents can be accepted.

All Employees

If you have been awarded work-study financial aid, you may pick up your employment contract from Darci Theiste between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Next, with class schedule in hand, contact the supervisor of the job sought and ask them to sign the contract.

If you have NOT been awarded work-study financial aid, take your class schedule to the supervisor of the job sought. Ask them to contact Darci Theiste who will prepare an employment contract for you. Next, pick up your contract the business office between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Return the contract to the supervisor and ask them to sign it.

Next, take the signed contract to Darci Theiste, complete any necessary paperwork, and read the Student Employment Handbook. Students selected for employment are subject to the polices and procedures set forth in the Employee Handbook. Your supervisor will let you know when to start work.

Contact Darci if you have questions about applying for a job, or contact your supervisor with questions about your job.

All student workers will be required to complete “Bloodborne Pathogens” and “Employee Right to Understand” training. This training is provided online by SafeColleges. Student workers will be emailed a link to the online training. Completion of both trainings is required in order to be employed by Bethany Lutheran College.

Student Work-study Payroll Dates (2023-2024 academic year)

  • Work Dates → Supervisor Approval → Student Pay Day
  • Aug 9 to Aug 19 → Aug 21 → Aug 29
  • Aug 20 to Sep 9 → Sep 11 → Sep 19
  • Sep 10 to Oct 7 → Oct 9 → Oct 17
  • Oct 8 to Nov 4 → Nov 6 → Nov 14
  • Nov 5 to Dec 2 → Dec 4 → Dec 12
  • Dec 3 to Jan 13 → Jan 15 → Jan 23
  • Jan 14 to Feb 10 → Feb 12 → Feb 20
  • Feb 11 to Mar 9 → Mar 11 → Mar 19
  • Mar 10 to Apr 6 → Apr 8 → Apr 16
  • Apr 7 to May 10 → May 13 → May 21. See final paycheck information below.

For the final paycheck of the academic year, which is received after commencement, contact Darci by April 19, 2023, if you would like to set up a direct deposit to your bank account. You’ll need to fill out a form in person; bring your bank account number and bank routing number (or a blank check). If you have previously set up a direct deposit and your banking information is the same, you only need to email her that you would like to get a direct deposit again. If you do not set up a direct deposit, you may pick up your final paycheck in the Business Office in late May. If you do not pick up your check, it will be mailed to your home address.

Available Student Jobs

Looking for a non-student job at Bethany? Check out our Bethany Jobs page.

Please read all instructions above before contacting job supervisors.

Unavailable Student Jobs

The jobs listed below are currently either filled or will not be filled this semester. You may check this page in the future to see if any have moved to the Available list above.