The members of 2019-2020 Student Senate group photo.

Student Senate

The purpose of the Student Senate is to represent the students in all matters of concern to the student body and to serve as a liaison between the students, faculty, staff and administration. It is actively involved in sponsoring a variety of social activities and convocations. Elections to the Student Senate take place every fall and spring.

2020-2021 Senate


  • Lauren Zimmerman
  • Jahir Nunez-Martinez
  • Julia Abreu-Siufi
  • Marissa Thompson


  • Kimberly Moua
  • Erin Kelly
  • Danica Dick
  • Zay Koepsell


  • Ben Tweit
  • Ethan Becker
  • Skyler Hepler
  • Mia Faugstad

Submit a Concern

Student Senate is always looking for student input. If you have any concerns, suggestions, or questions please contact the Student Body President Silas Petersen or Campus Concerns Chairman Isaiah Koepsell at any time. If you would like to submit an anonymous concern, there is a suggestion box located in the lower level of Old Main across from the elevator. We will address your concern in a timely manner and keep you posted on any developments. Thank you.


Meeting minutes are not currently available online. Please contact the Student Senate Secretary to obtain minutes.

Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight is a monthly election meant to recognize exemplary Bethany students for their service and positive impact on the college and its community. We want to recognize students who regularly show integrity, stewardship, leadership, and/or positivity around Bethany’s campus. Do you know someone whose work for your club goes tragically unnoticed? Does someone go out of their way to make you smile every time you see them? Nominate them for a moment in the spotlight! Students, faculty, and staff, are eligible to nominate someone for Student Spotlight.

The honored students get their pictures shown for one month on the Student Senate board in Old Main, along with some of the reasons they were nominated! Keep an eye out for when the nominees are posted!

Let’s continue to make Bethany a better place!

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